Building Permit Checklist

The following checklist provides an aid to identify the documents required for a complete building permit application per the governing ordinances.

It also provides links to the fees and deposits required.

  1. Complete set of building plans.
  2. Complete set of specifications.
  3. Plot plan.
  4. Approval of the plans by the Louisville and Jefferson County Board of Health.
  5. Color of brick and roof shingles.
  6. Layout of walks and driveway, including specifications of materials.
  7. General idea of planting and landscaping.
  8. Plot plan showing approximate elevations of the lot and of walks and driveway.
  9. Cubage formulation according to the formula.
  10. Detailed information on heating and air conditioning system.
  11. Specification of flooring and floor covering in all areas.
  12. Specification of electric service and sewer service to the home.
  13. Builders commitment and completion bond.
  14. Building Permit Fee (Pay by cash or check):
  15. Security Deposit/Bond (Pay by cash or check):