Following is the text from the Fall, 2002, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Attached to the front of this newsletter you will find a flyer describing some of the particulars of our ever-popular Indian Hills Octoberfest. This event will take place rain or shine in Sagamore Park beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 6. This year will be our 18th such event, and it gets bigger and better every year. Because it gets bigger and better, we need to do a good job of planning the food and drinks that we'll be serving our residents. YOUR RESERVATIONS ARE IMPERATIVE. At the bottom of the brochure, you will find a reservation form. Please mark and mail this as soon as possible so that we can prepare for all attendees.

At last year's Octoberfest our Police Department introduced the Project KidCare photo ID. Many of you took advantage of that opportunity. Again this year we will be providing the same ID program, and we encourage those who did not have their children's pictures and fingerprints recorded last year to do so during Octoberfest of 2002. If you canít do this on October 6, it can be done by calling for an appointment at our police station on River Road (893-COPS).

At the Octoberfest we will also be celebrating Fire Prevention Week, and we will have a number of fire trucks from Harrods Creek and St. Matthews Fire Districts, as well as some privately owned vintage fire trucks which will not only be displayed, but will offer rides to children of all ages.

We look forward to seeing you on October 6 !!!!


The date of this election is November 5, 2002. The Mayor and City Council of the City of Indian Hills are all running for reelection. For the first time in many years, all incumbents are running unopposed. We are very fortunate in our city to have people represent us who care deeply about our community and who serve as unpaid public servants. This City Council has been together since the merger of the four communities, which made us a 4th Class City; there are representatives on the Council from each area of Indian Hills.

Incidentally, there are a number of small cities that have not been able to put together a slate for this election; one of these is our neighboring City of Rolling Fields, where only three of the four people needed have filed for commissioner and no one has filed for the office of mayor.

An extremely important issue on this year's ballot is the election of two members to the Metro Council, and we say TWO, because our city is divided into two separate districts: Metro District 7, which is basically from Blankenbaker Lane WEST and Metro District 16 which is from Blankenbaker Lane EAST.

Another important race that will affect all of us is the election of our State Representative. As you may or may not know, we have been redistricted, and we will be electing a representative for the first time from House District 43. Please take an interest in this race and review the bios of the candidates. We must be sure that whoever represents us in Frankfort is attuned to the interests and activities in our area of the county.


We caution residents who will display political signs for the upcoming election that they are not permitted on city rights-of-way. This includes those on private property. Please keep them off of the right-of-way at the edge of city streets. They will be removed if they do not comply with the ordinance.


It was recently decided that it would be beneficial for us to have two defibrillators available in our city cars. We felt that it is an extremely important move to have our officers trained to use these units, because the first four minutes of a heart attack are often crucial to the survival of the victim. Since our average response time to a call is less than four minutes, we felt that this purchase adds a great deal to our resident service. The cost for these two units is approximately $5,000 and, thanks to our Councilman Jim Graven, this cost was underwritten by a grant from Republic Bank and Steepleton Billiard Company.

We are in the process of updating our KidCare ID to become part of a national Kids program which is computer driven. We will have more information on this topic in the next newsletter. We think that this is an important project for our police to have because not only can we identify kids, but also senior citizens who may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's. This would be a cost to the city of approximately $7,500, and we believe that we may have a corporate sponsor for this project.

Chief Kelly Spratt

As you may have already noticed, we have enclosed a magnet with each newsletter that reminds everyone of the Police Department's telephone number. This number can be used for any matter (suspicious activity, house watches, general information requests, etc.) If an officer does not answer from the Police Station, the call will be immediately answered by a dispatcher who will contact a duty officer by radio. House watches can be left with the dispatcher and that information will be relayed to our office. The Indian Hills Police Department operates 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Please call us immediately upon noticing any suspicious activity.

Crime Tip
Many residents in the City of Indian Hills use domestic services such as lawn care workers and housekeepers. Most domestic workers are honest and professional; however, I urge everyone to be aware of your valuables and to be very selective about hiring others to be in your home. If you notice any valuables missing or observe anything suspicious, contact us immediately. Due to the quick action and awareness of a resident, a recent jewelry theft case was solved quickly, with all of the stolen property being returned to the victim. We prefer preventing crimes, but in instances that we do not, you and the Department can act together to make Indian Hills an even safer place in which to live.


Here is a message from Councilman Frank Pontrich who has done such a good job of establishing our Indian Hills website:

The Indian Hills City Website is up and ready for your browsing pleasure.

Please visit

If you have a question about almost anything regarding the city:

? Re: Garbage Pickup, "it's in there! "
? Re: Building Codes, "it's in there! "
? Re: Fences, "it's in there! "
? Re: Pools, "it's in there! "
? Re: Who to call, "trust me, it's in there! "

Mrs. Joyce St. Clair, Councilperson, Indian Hills

As you may know, Councilman Bob Murphy and myself are the two City of Indian Hills Council people with primary responsibility for waste. With over 1250 homes in IH, waste management is the second largest budget item (after police protection) in our city. We were both heartened by comments received after our last newsletter article, in which specifics on waste management were detailed for each of the four sections of the city. Below is additional information you may find beneficial:

  • Bob Murphy and I have begun working on the new garbage contract that will begin July 1 of 2003. You will be advised of the specifics before that time.
  • To facilitate ease of garbage collection by RUMPKE, be sure your cans are outside the garage in an easily findable place
  • The market for recyclables is diminishing rapidly because of the overabundance of recyclable items, all of which has flooded the marketplace. We will be investigating this as we negotiate our new contract.
As always, please contact either Bob Murphy (896-6259) or Joyce St. Clair (893-5946) if you need assistance with garbage collection. As members of the Indian Halls City Council, we are happy to help you.


In our summer newsletter we advised of a proposed plan by Louisville Country Club to build indoor tennis courts that would have been serviced off of Indian Hills Trail. We have been told that this issue was voted down and that these courts will not be built; we consider this as good news for all of us here in our city. We will continue to be vigilant in this regard.

We also reported on a residential development on a portion of the Corns property on Country Club Road near Indian Hills Trail. At the July meeting of the City Council, we were visited by a representative of the real estate company that will be marketing these units. We were told that this development will contain six buildings of three units each (18 units) on a 6-1/2 acre tract. These units will be 3,500 to 4,000 square feet and will sell in the range of $550,000 to $750,000 each.

Keep in mind that this property is not in the City of Indian Hills. As a City Council we would prefer that this property not be developed; however, after much discussion at our recent Board meeting, it was decided to remain neutral on this issue. These units will be built approximately 200 feet from Indian Hills Trail, and the area between the Trail and the units will be left in a natural state.


Indian Hills tax bills will be mailed to our residents by mid-October, 2002. They are now being prepared by the PVA. Each year we remind you that EACH RESIDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS/HER OWN TAX BILL. If your mortgage company or bank pays this bill, you must send them a copy of your tax bill. These taxes are due without penalty by January 1, 2003. There is a discount if paid on or before that date. A return envelope will be enclosed with each tax bill.


Mayor Eifler and Councilmen Madison and Graven attended the MSD Board meeting on August 26 and presented them with a check for $277,000, which was Indian Hills' portion of the cost of repaving all of the roads after the sewers were installed in the Country Club area. This expense had been funded long before the merger of the four cities in 1999.

While this project was mandated by the Jefferson County Health Department and was certainly a divisive issue in the City of Indian Hills Country Club for a number of years, it is now completed and has given us a more healthful place to live. If you have noticed any real estate transactions since the installing of the sewers, we certainly feel that we have received increased property values as a result of this installation.

It is fitting for us to express our thanks to Nancy Stablein, a long-standing commissioner of the City of Indian Hills Country Club. She shepherded this project with diligence, working with residents, with MSD and with the Mac and Smith Construction Companies to make certain that the installation was done with as little destruction as possible to the superstructure of Indian Hills. We are all grateful for her work and dedication.

Since the merger of our four communities, Councilman Jim Graven has taken much of the responsibility of overseeing sewer work. We express our appreciation for his efforts in completing this project.


During Labor Day weekend there was a serious fire in our city. It happened about 3:00 a.m. Fortunately all of the home's residents left the burning house in time to avoid terrible tragedy. The fire departments of St. Matthews, Harrods Creek and Lyndon responded quickly. Your mayor was called to the scene and he reports that even the family pets were saved.

We spoke earlier in this newsletter that our Octoberfest will take place during Fire Prevention Week. This is a good time to remember to check our smoke detectors and their batteries!


The city/county merger is just a few months away, and the Greater Louisville Merger Transition Office has published a list of frequently asked questions about this merger. We thought you might be interested in the document and have attached it to this newsletter. It includes phone numbers to call if you have any questions of your own. In addition, Mayor Eifler will be happy to address any concerns you might have about this issue.

A message from your County Commissioner, RUSS MAPLE

The Jefferson County Commissioners will sponsor a "Free Junk Drop-Off Day" at the Waste Management Landfill, 2673 Outer Loop. This event will take place on Sunday, October 20, 2002 from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. The event offers Jefferson County residents an opportunity to dispose of large items and trash at no charge that are not accepted by their waste handlers.

Appliances and scraps will be accepted. However, several items will not be accepted at the landfill. These items include yard waste, paints, and hazardous liquids, tires and automobile batteries. Yard waste can be taken to the Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility (located at the landfill) or to Mahoney and Associates Organic Recycling, 12500 Avoca Road for a fee. Tires can be disposed of at the Louisville Waste Reduction Center, 600 Merriweather, or at Tire Shredding Recycling Inc., 1011 Ulrich for a fee. This program is for residential use only. No commercial waste will be accepted.

Please note that changes have been made in regard to this event. Instead of having several collection sites throughout the county, the landfill will be the only drop off location. Due to this change, the Jefferson County Commissioners have agreed to sponsor another free drop-off day at the landfill sometime this fall. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at 574-5754.

Merger Update: Frequently Asked Questions
Stephen Haag, Ir.

City/County Merger is only five months away. During the last year this office has received a number of questions and inquiries regarding the changes that will occur on January 6th, 2003. In an effort to make this column as informative as possible, I have included a few of these questions and the answers within this article. I would also like to remind you that should you have any questions regarding the information presented below or if you have a merger question of your own, please contact the Greater Louisville Merger Transition Office at 574-6374 (574-MERG).

What will be the official name, of the newly formed, merged government'?
Louisville / Jefferson County Metro Government

What will happen to the elected positions of City of Louisville Mayor, City of Louisville Aldermen, Jefferson County Judge/Executive and Jefferson County Commissioners once both governments merge?
The offices of City of Louisville Mayor and City of Louisville Alderman will be eliminated upon the first day of the new government. The Office of the Jefferson County Judge/Executive and Jefferson County Commissioners will have all powers reduced in accordance with the state constitution. The salary for the Office of the Jefferson County Judge/Executive and "A' District Commissioner will be reduced to the constitutionally mandated minimum and the salary of the "B' and "C" District Commissioners will remain until the position is vacated by resignation or the end of each commissioner's term of office. (Section 11; HB647)

Who will represent me?
The Greater Louisville will have a Mayor who will be elected by all persons registered to vote in Jefferson County. In addition to having a Mayor, Greater Louisville will have 26 Councilpersons. Each Councilperson must have lived within the area in which they represent, one year prior to thc November 5, 2003 Election, and are voted on by only those persons living within the district they represent (Section 18; HB647). All districts must be relatively equal in population (+/- 5%). Using 2000 Census statistics, each district should have approximately 26,667 persons. (For more information regarding requirements for persons wishing to seek the office of Mayor or Councilperson please see Section 2; HB647).

Which district will I live in? Who is running for Council in my district?
To find out that question you can either call the Jefferson County Board of Elections (574-6100) or Merger Transition Office (574-MERG) or visit the lojic website at

Who will provide my house with fire protection?
If you live within the boundaries of the City of Louisville or City of Shively, your fire protection will be provided through local government. If you live elsewhere in Jefferson County, and currently rely on Volunteer Fire Departments, you will continue to be served by those departments (Section 7; HB647).

Why are some councilpersons elected to two year terms and others to four year terms? How do you know which person is running for a four year term?
In an effort to create stability after elections, the Kentucky General Assembly wrote that one-half of the council shall be elected to a single two year term (even numbered districts) and the other half will serve a four year term (odd numbered districts). The staggering of terms was placed in the legislation to ensure more accountability on the part of the council and to avoid thc possibility of dramatic shifts in makeup of the council.

For more information:

Greater Louisville Merger Transition Office
810 Baxter Avenue, Room 134
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
Office: (502) 574-MERG or (502) 574-6374
Fax: (502) 574-8333