Following is the text from the Fall, 2004, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Our annual Octoberfest will be held on October 10, 2004 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. in Sagamore Park, rain or shine. Following is the flier announcing this festivity, including a reservation form. This event is growing each year, so it becomes all the more important to make reservations so that we can order the proper amount of food and drink for all of you attending. Once again this year we will be purchasing the food from Doll's Market, and the hamburgers and hot dogs will be grilled by your City Board of Councilchefs. Come and meet your neighbors!!!!


The National election as well as local elections will take place on Tuesday, November 2, 2004. This year we not only have an opportunity to vote for President, but also all of our Councilmen are running for reelection. For the first time in many years, these Councilmen are unopposed. This gives great continuity to your City in that we are represented by people who are committed, and who have a history of serving our community.

There are nine candidates who represent the entire City of Indian Hills; all residents will vote for all cabdidates no matter in which section of the City they live. As you know, when we merged the four cities in the late 90s, we were very conscious of the need to have representation on this Board from each area of our merged City. The division initially was made based on populations of the cities merged and the representation still stands as it did at that time.

Indian Hills Cherokee Section
Jim Aubrey
Joyce Duckwall
Lyle Spalding

Indian Hills Country Club Section
Ric Cusick
Brace Madison
Nancy Stablein

Indian Hills Robinswood Section
Joyce St. Clair

Indian Hills Winding Falls Section
Marie Bukowski
Bob Murphy

This coming election is for the Councilmen for a two-year term. Mayor Tom Eifier is continuing his 4-year term, which expires in 2006.


...And speaking of elections, political signs are about to rear their ugly heads once more. We have always asked that each resident have no more than one sign per property, and that signs not be placed on City rights-of-way or any City property. Any signs that are on City rights-of-way will be removed.


City of Indian Hills tax bills will be mailed in the middle of October. As a reminder, tax bills are sent to the address on record at the Metro Property Value Administration, and are NOT sent to insurance companies, mortgage companies, etc. Each resident is responsible for his or her own tax bill.


There are several things to report that will come under this heading in the form of Good News and Bad News.

Under Bad News we have had more thefts from homes than we normally experience. There have been some night burglaries that can be traced to UNLOCKED AND OPEN WINDOWS. There have also been thefts from open garages. Most of these have been petty in nature. Our police have determined that some of these incidents are linked to the nurnber of workers in our City cleaning up after the summer storms.

We are losing one of our valued police officers: Jeff Bell has been on our force for about ten years. He has done a great job and many residents know him by his friendly smile and his dedication to his work. Jeff will be leaving at the end of September to become an investigator with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. If you see him driving in the City the next couple of weeks, please wish him well, as we do!

Now for the Good News! Our Chief Kelly Spratt has applied to the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security for a grant in order to improve communications capabilities. We were informed on September 8 that our Police Department will receive a grant in the amount of $84,921. We commend Chief Spratt for his aggressiveness in applying for this grant, and certainly look forward to what the employment of these dollars in our City will do for the security of our residents. Congratulations, Chief Spratt!


This, as you know, has been a very bad year for violent damaging storms in our community. We have been without electricity on several occasions. The last storm being the worst, we had over 100 trees down and over 25 power poles destroyed. LG&E had 26 workers in our City for over a week. Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, was in touch with them constantly and spent a great deal of time working with them and with the City cleanup crew. Even though we were without electricity for a long period of time, we felt that LG&E did an excellent job of returning service to an 8-county area, generally within a week's time. In many cases in our City they had to rebuild total systems. We have been told that in a lot of respects this storm was worse than the tornado of 1974; while the damage to real estate was not great, certainly the damage to power service was much more extensive.

The cleanup of the storm brought a large number of workers into our City. These people were working not only for the City, but also for individual residents cleaning downed trees and debris. A very important point we would like to make concerning residents who hire casual labor is to caution them to make sure that these people CARRY INSURANCE, and that these residents are protected from an accident that might happen on their properties involving one of these laborers.

On the night of the most violent storm, even though we had 100 trees down in various areas of our City, all of our roads were open by midnight except for 4 locations, where there were downed power lines in the fallen trees. LG&E advised us not to have our workers clear such trees until they knew that the power lines were dead. In two of these sections, residents were not inconvenienced because there was an alternate route for them to take. However, in two others, one at River Hill and one at Poplar Hill, residents were inconvenienced for an extra day because we did not risk our contractors and create a liability for our City by encouraging them to do work in an unsafe area. We think our crew performed very well.


At our August Board meeting, Councilman Spalding reviewed a letter from our U.S. Representative updating us on the bridges. This project has been covered extensively in the local news, but we thought we would mention that the studies are complete and that the design work is proceeding. There has been federal acknowledgement that the bridges should be built, one downtown and one in the East End, and that Spaghetti Junction must be reworked.

Obviously the East End bridge has been of some concern to us since Blankenbaker Lane was once mentioned as a possible bridge connector to 1-71. The final design for that bridge places it in Prospect, not in our "back yard."

Kentucky and Indiana will divide responsibilities on these bridges and they will be built jointly by the two states. They will collaborate on the decisions regarding the design and construction, and they will split the costs equally. $60 million has been secured fi'om the federal government to fund the initial planning and design, and an additional $49.4 million is in a pending highway bill. The State of Kentucky committed $228 million in highway funds as Kentucky's share of the project for the next three years. We'll keep you posted.


Recycling and garbage collection for the remainder of the year will not be affected by either the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Tuesday to the City of Indian Hills.

Yard waste pickup will continue through the last Tuesday in November. It will then resume the first Tuesday in March, 2005.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Marie Bukowski (893-9173), Bob Murphy (896-6259) or Soyce St. Clair (893-5946).




1:00 - 3:00 P.M.


Moon Bounce and Slide
Rides on Antique Fire Engines
Face-Painters &
Portrait Caricaturists

The Harrods Creek Fire Department
The St. Matthews Fire Department


Parking Available in Second Presbyterian Church Parking Lot

Bring Lawn Chairs If Desired


Reservations by October 4. Please

Name ______________________________ Address ____________________

#of Adults __________ # of Children __________

Please Return to Mayor Tom Eifier, 4702 Old Brownsboro Ct.
Or Email City Clerk Betty Guelich at