Following is the text from the Fall, 2005, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


As you can see from the flyer attached to this newsletter, our annual Octoberfest is once again upon us. Our City Council members will be cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers that we purchase from Doll's Market along with many other delectable foods. We hope you will come and enjoy a couple of hours with many of your neighbors.

Just a reminder that you are requested to make your family's reservation by October 4, so that we will know how much food to order.

This event continues to grow in attendance, and this will be our 21st festival ... so we have finally come of age!!!!!


Two items of interest concerning our Police Department:

  1. We have taken delivery of our two new police cars and have changed the identifying decals on these cars. We think the cars are now much more visible, and we will be interested in receiving your feedback in this regard.
  2. In his COPS CORNER report, Chief Kelly Spratt reports an arrest that our Department made several weeks ago. This arrest was very significant, and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate the officers involved. We know that we have one of the finest police departments in Kentucky. We are proud of the job they do.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

This year, the partnership between the residents of Indian Hills and the Indian Hills Police Department has been successful in dramatically reducing criminal activity compared to 2004. The most recent example occurred during the early morning hours of September 13th, when a resident on Ardsley Road noticed an unknown person in his garage. He notified the on-duty Indian Hills officers, who immediately responded, locating and arresting three subjects on Merrick Road. The group of men had begun their night of stealing from unlocked vehicles in Locust Hill, and were working their way east through the city.

The partnership is further illustrated in the following table:

    2004 - 15 thefts from autos between 01/01 and 09/13; 0 cleared with arrests
    2005 - 5 thefts from autos between 01/01 and 09/13; 2 cleared with arrests

We continue to stress the importance of every resident doing his/her part

  • In NOT becoming a crime victim (removing valuables from vehicles, locking vehicle and home doors, etc.)
  • In preventing future crimes by immediately calling the Indian Hills Police to report suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity.


As we mentioned in the last newsletter, the City of Indian Hills 2005-2006 fiscal year tax bills should be mailed by mid-October. Once again, we remind you that these are mailed to the ADDRESS ON THE BILL and if your banker, insurance company or mortgage company pays the bill, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEND THE BILL TO THE PROPER PARTY.


  • It has been a relatively quiet summer in Indian Hills. We have had our share of building additions, pools, fences, etc., and want to thank Public Works Director Jim Graven for the good job he does on monitoring what goes on in our city from a building and maintenance standpoint. Jim, together with the Board, maintains the integrity of our community and helps to make it the outstanding city where we live.
  • At our September Board meeting, we were visited by Michael Sweeten, our contact at Rumpke Sanitation, our waste collector. We feel that Rumpke has done a good job with our city and is in the third year of their contract with us. The waste collection contract has to be bid next year and while there have been some minor complaints, overall we feel very comfortable with Rumpke's service. We have had a few complaints recently about the collectors not replacing the lids on the garbage cans after trash removal and about the location of the empty recyclable containers; these were addressed with Mr. Sweeten, who will contact the waste collectors.
  • There are no new developments on the Brownsboro Inn property on Rudy Lane and US42. We mentioned in our summer newsletter that we would keep you informed of any change, but we have not heard from them since that time.
  • You may have noticed that the two unsightly houses at Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Road (in the city of Windy Hills) have been razed. Our city was very much involved in putting on pressure for something to happen with this eyesore. Now that the houses have been razed, we are anxiously waiting to see what might be planned for this area. If there are any development changes other than the two single family residences which were originally on the property, a zoning change would he required, and we will certainly have a voice in that matter.

    Our Board extends its deepest sympathy to his family and the residents of the City of Riverwood on the death of their Mayor Joe Helm on Sunday, September 18. Mayor Helm was killed in an automobile accident on River Road. May he rest in peace.

    See you at the Octoberfest rain or shine!!!!!



    1:00 - 3:00 P.M.


    Moon Bounce and Slide
    Rides on Antique Fire Engines

    PONY RIDES!!!!

    The Harrods Creek Fire Department
    The St. Matthews Fire Department


    Parking Available in Second Presbyterian Church Parking Lot

    Bring Your Camera & Lawn Chairs If Desired


    Reservations by October 4. Please

    Name ______________________________ Address ____________________

    #of Adults __________ # of Children __________

    Please Return to Mayor Tom Eifier, 4702 Old Brownsboro Ct.
    Or Email City Clerk Betty Guelich at