Following is the text from the Fall, 2007, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

Get your leaf rakes ready! It is about to be autumn again in Indian Hills and the Big Event for our City is, of course, our 23rd Octoberfest to be held on October 7 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Particulars are included in the first page invitation flyer (click here) included in this newsletter. Last year's was the most successful Octoberfest to date; we had very close to 400 people in attendance. This once again points out the need for reservations, because our goal is to have plenty of food for those who make their reservations and attend this event in Sagamore Park. For new residents who might not know, its location is at Indian Hills Trail and Old Brownsboro Road. If you are coming from US42, turn at the Highland Cleaners into Indian Hills and you can't miss it. Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, his wife Jane and City Clerk Betty Guelich always do a great job of arranging special features for an enjoyable afternoon for all ages. Another October date to mark on our calendar is the City-wide Paper Shredding on Saturday, October 13 from 9:00 a.m. until noon. As they did last year, once again Wilson & Muir Bank (on St. Matthews Avenue behind Burdorf's) offers this service to our residents, inviting us to bring any important papers we might have for shredding. Last year they provided coffee and pastries for our enjoyment while we watched our documents being shredded. Shred-It is a local company that Wilson & Muir Bank hires for this service. If you prefer just to drop off papers for shredding, our police officers will be there for monitoring until everything is properly shredded.


Also, one of the least popular events in October is the mailing of Indian Hills Tax Bills. As always, we remind you that these bills will be mailed to the address on record with the PVA who prepares our tax bills for us. If you have a mortgage company, an insurance company or someone other than you who pays your taxes, please be sure that this bill is forwarded to the responsible party. Currently there are five of last year's tax bills that are delinquent. While the tax itself is a lien on a resident's property, we will move for foreclosure on these 5 properties. As always, we thank our Councilman Lyle G. Spalding for his dedicated work for our City in keeping us on the financial straight and narrow.


In our last newsletter we talked about the Metro Government in collaboration with the Highway Department and our City addressing our City entrances off of US42. While a final decision has not been made on several of the entrances, there has been a major change that was put in place at the end of August. That change is at the entrance at Chenoweth Lane. In order to alleviate the backup on Chenoweth Lane, both north and south bound turn arrows have been installed, signaling traffic to move either forward or to turn. So far, this seems to have lessened traffic backup, particularly on northbound Chenoweth Lane. Hopefully in the near future our entrances at Pennington and at Highland Cleaners will be improved. Incidentally, in regard to the Highland Cleaners entrance, we want to thank Dr. Zena for the great job that he did in trimming back the shrubbery on the front of his property at that area. This has greatly enhanced visibility for traffic at that intersection.

By Col. Kelly W. Spratt, Chief of Police


On August 4th, the body of a missing elderly man was discovered in a secluded section of the Caperton Swamp area at River Road and Indian Hills Trail, The Indian Hills Police Department and the Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) Homicide Unit investigated the scene, with LMPD investigating the crime as a homicide. The suspects have since been located and charged in this incident. The victim was robbed and fatally beaten. In addition to wildlife enthusiasts, this park has become a well-known meeting place for men to meet and to possibly engage in sexual activity. I believe the suspects chose this area to find a lone individual to target for the purpose of obtaining a vehicle. This would make any person visiting this park a potential victim. For several years, we have received complaints of indecent exposure in the park; however, it is difficult to successfully catch the offenders due to the park's characteristics. We will continue to check the parking lot and park area, but we ask for the public to call 893-2677 to report any suspicious persons or behavior.


During this summer, the Indian Hills Police have taken reports on at least two incidents in which remote garage door openers have been removed from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways. This is done so the offender can easily access the residence and commit further crimes. We recommend locking vehicle doors at all times, and to hiding the garage door openers in a locked console or glove compartment. (Notes from your Mayor Tom Eifler, Sr.: In Chief Kelly Spratt's Cops Corner, he talks about our Caperton Swamp and the homicide that took place there last month. This location has been an area of our concern for the last several years, as men do gather there. This area was given to River Fields, who in turn gave it to Metro Parks. I have approached Metro Parks as well as the attorney for River Fields, Inc., with the idea of closing this area or at least removing the parking lot off of River Road. The problem here is that this is such a small secluded area which creates an environment that Indian Hills really does not want in our City. We will keep you informed of our progress in the next newsletter.)


  • Poplar Hill and Blankenbaker Lane (Poplar Hill Place)

    No news to report on this development. We are still opposing it based on the density for the topography of the area and will report anything new as it evolves.

  • Brownsboro Best Western Inn Property

    We have been told that a letter of agreement has been signed by Fresh Market for a store on that property. There is a hearing set for Monday, September 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Best Western Brownsboro Inn. While this newsletter might not reach you in time to plan to attend this meeting, those who attended the first two meetings and signed up for advisement will receive meeting notices.

  • Posting of House Address Numbers

    In the past we have reminded residents to display your street address numbers so that they are visible from the Street. This is a Metro Government law, and in Indian Hills this is especially important due to the difficulty that our layout presents to strangers coming into our area. It is also most important for emergency medical and fire vehicles to be able to locate residences.

  • We extend a BIG THANK YOU to Boy Scout Troop #315, for the 11 scouts who took it upon themselves to clean up and bag trash along the branch of the Muddy Fork Creek that runs through Indian Hills. This is a project that is part of their work to become Eagle Scouts. They picked up branches, tires, and small appliances, enough trash to fill several trucks. When we approached them about giving them some sort of payment, recognition, dinner, etc., they refused, saying that it is the public service part of their commitment to become Eagle Scouts. Several of these young men live in our City, but they requested no recognition.
  • City Ordinance 07-04

    At our August Board Meeting the Board had the second reading and passed Ordinance No. 07-04 regulating the time and place of location of portable storage containers, sometimes called Portable on Demand Storage (PODS), trailers used for storage, or temporary storage structures, on residentially zoned property in the City. The use of these storage units will require a permit from the City of Indian Hills and the ordinance outlines restrictive requirements. A copy of this ordinance is available on our website (click here) or can be obtained by calling Mayor Tom Eifler or Public Works director Jim Graven.

  • Fire Safety

    As you may or may not know, our City is served by two fire districts, the Harrods Creek District on the east and north ends of the City, and the St. Matthews Fire District on the south and west ends of the City. They both do a great job for us. When you see them at our Octoberfest, we hope you will thank them for their excellent service.

    We have a direct connection with the St. Matthews Fire District. Mayor Eifler serves as Chairman of their Board and Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, serves as a Board member and Treasurer.

    Recently the St. Matthews Fire District sent out its first-ever newsletter to all residents in the area that they serve. Hopeffihly you received one. If you did not, they are available from the Fire District; call 893-7825. They would also like a response to items covered in that newsletter. There are some interesting articles, some of which are life-saving in nature such as clothes dryer fires and proper dryer maintenance, the history of the Fire Department and last but not least, their "Favorite Firehouse Chili Recipe." Great reading.

  • Our Metro Representative Ken Flemng asked us to inform the residents of the City of Indian Hills about the September 19, 2007 Breast Cancer Screening that several of the Metro Councilmembers are sponsoring. A copy of his letter and flyer (click here) are attached.


At our July 19 City Council meeting, a resident of Riverwood attended to report that a registered sex offender is living in a rented home in their city. As you know, Riverwood adjoins our City off of Blankenbaker Lane and lower Westwind Road. He asked for our help in this matter in that the sentencing of this offender was scheduled for August 16. There are a number of restrictions for sex offenders dealing with playground areas where children may be playing. A sex offender may not live within 1,000 feet of the boundary of such a park area. The City of Indian Hills and the City of Riverwood both have park areas within 1,000 feet of where this sex offender rents his home.

Your Mayor, the Mayor of Riverwood and a resident attended the sentencing in the Jefferson Circuit Court on August 16. This man was given a five-year probate sentence on two counts. Unfortunately, many convicted offenders do re-offend. There is an overriding interest in the need to protect the safety of the public by complying with the 1000 feet restriction. The Commonwealth Restriction is KRS 17.545. It is our intention and that of Riverwood to continue to pursue this matter and hopefully to make the sex offender move from our area.

If you have any questions, feel free to call your Mayor Eifler at 893- 2550.

See you at the Octoberfest!