Following is the text from the Fall, 2010, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


What a miserably hot summer but we anticipate cooler weather for the 26th Indian Hills Octoberfest to be held on Sun. October 3 at Sagamore Park located at Indian Hills Trail and Sagamore Rd. As always, attached to the front of the fall newsletter is the reservation form (Click HERE) which is more and more important as this event becomes bigger and bigger. So please take a minute now to inform us if you will attend the Octoberfest to help us in our food planning. Lots of food, camaraderie and events for the children are planned, and Jim Graven, our Octoberfest Chairman, always has a surprise or two up his sleeve. We hope to see you at this festive City gathering.


For the 5th year; Wilson & Muir Bank on St Matthews Avenue is once again offering to bring in the big shredder truck and residents of Indian Hills are invited to come on Saturday, October 9 between 9:00 a.m. and noon to shred any old documents such as old checks, tax records, love letters, etc. You can either leave such items with our police at the shredding truck at 130 St. Matthews Avenue, or you can stand and watch them being shredded.

We are certainly grateful to Wilson & Muir for providing this wonderful service and also offering us coffee and doughnuts while we watch the shredding.


That takes care of October. Now let us move to November, and the election on November 2, 2010. This is not a major national election, but we do have the opportunity to vote for a new Louisville mayor, some other officials who will be representing us on the State and Local levels as well as in our court system. But, more important to our community, all of the Indian Hills leadership is up for reelection. Your Mayor, Tom Eifler, Sr. is running unopposed, but the City Council whose names are on the left side of the front page of this newsletter along with one new candidate who have filed papers with the Board of Elections are running for the nine Council seats of your City. The new candidate is Lee Garlove, who has lived for about four years in the Cherokee Section of our City.

From a historical standpoint when we merged four cities together in 1999 we changed our City Commission from four commissioners and planned the merged City to have nine Council members. We assessed our population so that each section of our City would have proper representation. The City divides basically into the following: Old Indian Hills Country Club Section has 3 Council members, the old Indian Hills Cherokee Section also has 3 Council members, and the old Robiriswood and Winding Falls combined Sections have 3 Council members. This has worked out well over the'years. In fact, five of the original City Council members from 1999 are still Council members. Of the other four, two did not seek reelection in later years, one received an appointment in Washington DC and the fourth one moved out of our City.

Mayor Eifler's Comments: This is a hard-working City Council and everyone on the Board has a job to do. Since we merged the four Cities, we have curbed areas that needed curbing, We have planted and trimmed; we have paved; we have lighted. All of these have been done without raising our tax rates. Incidentally, I, as Mayor, and all of the Council members do not take any stipend for our work.

We operate on a balanced budget ... and we have a rainy day account for unforeseen issues that come our way. And last, but not least, we have a Police Department that is excellent, and provides good protection for our residents.

Now, let's move from November back to July and once again thank Councilman Joel Deming and his crew of Abby Jackson, Kelly Seiler, Kristi Leavenhagan, Lilly Berryman and Charlie Strange for their work on our annual Independence Day parade held in the Robinswood Section of our City. This is always a special event and the number of residents who enjoy the parade seems to grow each year, It makes us feel very patriotic when the Rascals of Ragtime play their patriotic songs as we parade.

While we are giving kudos to Councilman Deming we observe that in his "spare time" he is the lead person on our Sanitation Committee, which also includes Councilwoman Marie Bukowski and Councilman Steve Gruebbel. We gave Eco-Tech Sanitation permission to start their collections earlier because of the extreme heat we experienced this summer. So you probably saw their garbage truck in our City much earlier than normal to avoid the late afternoon heat.


At our last Council meeting of August 19, 2010 we approved the second reading of Ordinance #10-05 which deals with commercial grass cutters in our City. It limits the hours of cutting in the City from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and does not permit cutting in Indian Hills on Sunday, This has become an issue that has created some complaints from our residents who are annoyed by Sunday grass cutting. This does not apply to our residents' personal grass cutting, but we hope out of respect for your neighbors that Sunday would be a day of rest.


  • Panera Bread building work
    This work has started on Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Rd. and they hope to open later this year around December 15 in time for the holiday season.
  • Paving
    We have filled many pot holes in the City and have paved Hempstead Road from Blankenbaker Lane to the old Winding Falls boundary. We had 4 bidders on this project and Riverside Paving was the low bidder. We think they did a good job, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the residents, but as you observe the finished product, we think you will be pleased.
  • Fountain
    As we mentioned in the summer newsletter, the fountain at the corner of Rudy Lane continues to be a problem. It is old and out of date. We are not sure of its future because of its continued expense to the City.
  • Audit
    Cotton & Allen is about to complete our City audit. We should have a draft shortly and once it is completed, it will be availahie on our website (the address of which is on the front page of this newsletter.)
  • Political Signs
    Such signs are always unsightly. We are constantly removing them from our rights-of way. Please help us to maintain the visual integrity of the City by limiting the signs in your yard.
  • Lighting
    We have just completed some additional lighting in our City at the corner of Hempstead and Blankenbaker and at Indian Hills Trail and River Road. We think this lighting looks great and hope you do also.


Following is a Cops Corner written by Chief Kelly Spratt which describes the busy summer which he and his staff have encountered, including the two major house fires about which we will inform you following this police information.

By Chief Kelly W. Spratt

Earlier this summer, the Indian Hills Police Department investigated several cases of theft from vehicles in Indian Hills (Country Club Section) and Rolling Fields. After the first reports, the Department increased patrol, targeting these specific.areas. As .a.result of that increased patrol, members of the Department observed two juveniles on bicycles at approximately 2 AM. One juvenile was detained, while the other fled on foot.

With the cooperation of the parents, the juveniles admitted to several crimes, ranging from thefts from autos to garage burglaries. The juveniles admitted to entering numerous unlocked vehicles in the area, most of which were never reported to the police by the victims. The juveniles admitted to stealing items such as cash, laptop computers, cell phones, and iPods. All of these thefts occurred from unlocked vehicles. A few known cases in the same time frame were not attributed to these juveniles. This fact shows that several individuals or groups can target the area and have no connection to one another.

Remember that criminals will rely on your sense of security and comfort in this relatively quiet area. Don't help others in making you a victim - always remove any valuables and lock your vehicle.

Our crime prevention can only succeed with your help.. . immediately report suspicious behavior by calling 893-2677 and requesting the Indian Hills Police.

We have had the two house fires in the Winding Falls Section of our City. Both of these fires did major damage to the homes. The first fire was caused by a generator not properly installed in the house. The second was caused by a lightning strike. We are happy to report that there were no injuries from either fire, and we extend our good wishes to both families.

Attached is a letter from our Metro Councilman Ken Fleming. As you know, our City is represented on the western side by Councilman Fleming and on the eastern side by Kelly Downing. Both work very hard as Metro Councilmen and certainly look out for our best interests.

Councilman Fleming's letter discusses the Quiet Zone's reinstatement until new gates can be installed at the Chenoweth Lane crossing. Many of you can hear the train whistles blowing at night as the trains go through the St. Matthews area. The City of St. Matthews is trying very hard to rectifly this problem and to establish a Quiet Zone again. Please read Councilman Fleming's District 7 Update. (Click HERE)

As you may know, our City is served, by two fire districts. Part of the City along the river is in the Harrods Creek Fire Protection District. The rest of our City is served by St. Matthews Fire District. These firefighters do a wonderful job for us as evidenced by the quick response to the two fires we had in our City recently.

So, if you get a chance, you can accept the invitation of the St. Matthews Fire District on a Fire Service Recognition Day Open House on October 16. All of the information is included in the attached letter (Click HERE). Come if you can and bring any young children or grandchildren with you. There is nothing else like a visit to a fire house!

One last thing which has come to our attention since we started writing this newsletter: As you may know, LG&E is replacing some gas lines in eastern Jefferson County, including some areas in Indian Hills. The terrible gas explosion in California has had a number of residents ask about the safety of this gas main replacement. In our conversation with LG&E, we were informed that the gas main in California was a 30-inch main under several hundred pounds of pressure, and possibly when it was originally built years ago, there was not a subdivision nearby. The gas mains they are replacing in Indian Hills are 4-8 inches in diameter with a pressure level of 2 pounds, so we have been assured that this is not a problem for our area and there is no similarity to the one in California.

Have a great fall. We look forward to seeing you at the Octoberfest, and remember the old Kentucky reminder: Vote early and vote often!