Following is the text from the Fall, 2012, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:



Sunday, October 7, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., Sagamore Park

Hopefully, October will bring us beautiful weather, a lovely autumn and a very comfortable environment for our annual Octoberfest. As you can see from the cover of this newsletter, we will have all of the usual activities, plus I am sure that Jim Graven has arranged some new treats that will surprise us. (Did someone suggest a "camel ride?")

Once again this year, even though Doll's Market is closed, Sashee Gaslin will cater this event, and we are sure that the food will be outstanding as is customary.

Please advise us of your attendance plans by sending in the reservations slip located at the bottom of the cover page of this newsletter.


Another popular happening in our City is the shredding of unwanted documents. This service has been provided for us for the last seven years by the Wilson Muir Bank, 130 St. Matthews Avenue. This event will take place on Saturday, October 6 from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the above bank branch address. Someone from the bank will be there that morning as well as someone from our City to help you unload any items that you bring for shredding.


As we mentioned in our last newsletter, Councilwoman Marie Bukowski moved out of our City and resigned from the City Council Board. At our City Council meeting we appointed Abby Russell Jackson to finish Marie's term of office. Abby is a very busy lady; she is a graduate of Denison University and has been involved in a number of community activities such as Junior League, Heuser Hearing Institute, Dunn Elementary School and J. B. Speed Art Museum, to mention a few. She has worked for the last thirteen or so years as the coordinator of the 4th of July Parade for Indian Hills. She and her family reside at 2304 Merrick Road and we welcome her as a great addition to our Board.


  • Our auditors, Dean, Dorton, Allen and Ford, are currently in the process of preparing our annual audit, which should be presented to the Board at the September meeting. Our early conversation with the auditors indicates that things are moving along well, and a lot of this can be attributed to Councilman Lyle Spalding and CPA Robin Roberts.
  • TAX BILLS Just a reminder that our City tax bills should be mailed around the 15th of October and will be due by January 1, 2013 in order to quality for the discount. As you know, we have not raised our tax rate since the 4 cities merged ia the late '90s. Again, we wish to show our appreciation for the hard work performances of both Lyle Spalding and Robin Roberts on this issue.


On November 6 we will not only have the opportunity and privilege of voting for President of the United States, but also for members of the Board of the Indian Hills City Council who will appear on your ballot. We have nine Board members, seven of whom have decided to run for reelection, and two, Joyce Duckwall and Jim Aubrey, who have decided not to run. We certainly thank them for their service to the Board and wish them well.

Three new candidates have filed to replace the two members who are not running for reelection. They are Lee Garlove, David Kraft and George Baumann. We are pleased to have residents interested in running for our Board.

A bit of history: When we merged our four cities in 1999 we made a strong effort to make sure that each area of the City was represented on the Board, so that the City was basically divided by population. Three people came from the old Indian Hills Country Club Section, three from the Indian Hills Cherokee Section and three from the Winding Falls/Robinswood Section. These three sections were about equal in population. Even though all of these people represent all of the City, it was felt that we would like to have representatives who live in the various areas of our 4th Class City. That is why we established a Council of nine members.

In this election, the two Council members who are not running for office and the three candidates who have filed to run are all from the Indian Hills Cherokee Section. This will leave Councilman Lyle Spalding as one of the original Board members from that area and one who does such good work for the financial health of our City.

As Mayor, and since my term does not expire for two more years, I would certainly like to retain the current seven members who have given so much to our City, and hope that you will reward their dedication by reelecting them, and vote to keep our geographical representation balanced on our City Board.


Chief Kelly Spratt's COPS CORNER will follow and we want to include just a word about the great job our Police Department is doing for our City. They always perform professionally, and are available to, us 24 hours a-day, 7 days a week.

Just for your information, we have recently purchased several new police vehicles to replace some of our older units.

A final note about police is to say that the police continue to monitor the speeding and the illegal left turns which occur at the entrance at Highland Cleaners. As you know, left turns in or out are strictly prohibited. This intersection has a history of some severe accidents, and the left turn rule will be strictly enforced to prevent harm to our residents.

By Chief Kelly Spratt


At some point in each newsletter I advertise, and stress the importance of, enrolling in the Department's crime alert e-mail system. With each newsletter there is a slight increase in subscribers. That increase is only surpassed by each crime alert that I distribute. This is encouraging because it shows that the subscribers are reading the alerts and sharing the information with residents who did not receive the e-mails. Those new readers then promptly subscribe. We currently have 528 members who receive our crime alerts. While there is no tracking of subscribers (address and name is not required), I do know that we have a way to go to reach everyone in the city, since Indian Hills has over 1,100 homes. If you have not already subscribed, please do so by visiting our website ( and clicking on the "Crime Alert" tab. It is very easy and will help to serve the entire community.


Beginning with this newsletter, I will be sharing year-to-date information pertaining to criminal activity investigated by the Department. This information will include comparisons to the previous year. By sharing such details, I hope to further educate the community in area crimes, and to find examples of how your interaction with, the Police Department can make an impact in reducing criminal activity.

Through 08/31/2012Through 08/31/2011
Thefts17 Thefts35
Burglaries6 Burglaries10
Robberies2 Robberies0
Auto Thefts0 Auto Thefts2
Other Minor Offenses9 Other Minor Offenses15

As you can see, crime is down significantly, compared to last year. I believe that one reason for that decline is the utilization of our crime alert system. We actually have cases where suspect descriptions were distributed, leading to residents calling our dispatch to report sightings. Those sightings resulted in the offenders being apprehended, thus stopping the criminal activity.


This fall we will be in the process of putting our plant beds to sleep for the winter and planting some trees and shrubs where needed, especially at the Highland Cleaners entrance and on the new island at that location. We are also looking at installing sprinklers at this entrance and at the end of Travois Road. If you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms, please let us hear from you.