Following is the text from the Fall, 2013, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


We hope you have marked your calendar for October 6, the first Sunday in October, which will be one of the greatest gatherings of Indian Hills neighbors in the history of our City. Public Works Director Jim Graven and Councilwoman Abby Jackson have been preparing many events, including Zooper Stars and the ever popular photo booth.

Sashee Gaslin who worked for years at Dolls Market again will be in charge of the good food, and when she asked if we wanted anything different, we answered, "How do you improve perfection?"

Please return the reservation form on the front of this newsletter indicating the number of members of your family who will be attending so that we may have an accurate food count. Please send this information to Mayor Eifler at his address or email to Betty Guelich by October 2. If there is excess food, all is not lost: it will be donated to a worthy cause.


We are completing our annual audit by Dean, Dorton, Allen & Ford. We recently received the draft which will be presented at the Indian Hills meeting on September 19. Once approved we will publish parts of the audit in the Courier-Journal which we are required to do. I am sure that Councilman Steve Gruebbel will post considerable information on our City website.

Once again, we are issued an unqualified opinion on the financial statements of our City. We have had an excellent year in Indian Hills, and our Rainy Day Fund continues to grow. In our current budget year of 2013-2014, which runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, we will be spending some of our reserve funds for paving, which will be covered later in this newsletter.

City Tax Bills

A reminder that our City tax bills will be mailed sometime around the middle of October, and, as you know, they will be due by January 1, 2014 in order to obtain the 12-1/2% discount. We thank Councilman Lyle Spalding and our Treasurer Robin Roberts for the great work they do with City finances and the preparation that goes into the mailing of these tax bills.


  • We will do substantial paving in the City. This is always done on a need basis and there are a number of needs as identified by Public Works Division.

    The bids will be accepted until noon on September 19, and the paving will be completed in early November.

    The following areas will be paved:

    The total length of Westwind Road from top to bottom beginning at Old Brownsboro Road and ending at Indian Hills Trail.

    Travois Road will be paved in its entirety from US 42 all the way to the intersection with Blankenbaker Lane.

    Totem Road will be paved in its entirety.

    Arrowhead Road will be paved starting at Westwind to Indian Hills Trail.

    Travois Park area will be paved.

    Tukahoe Road from 2105 Tukahoe Road to Hempstead Road.

    Merrick Road will be paved starting at Hempstead and stopping at Tukahoe.

    Rudy Lane (the part in our City from Dunn Elementary School west and stopping at 2107 Bainbridge Road.)

    These pavings will offer great improvement to the City.

  • Brownsboro Road Diet Plan

    This is not what you think it is!

    This plan was devised by the City of Metro Louisville to change Brownsboro Road from Zorn Avenue west into three lanes instead of four with the two driving lanes and a turn lane. Your City wrote a letter in opposition to the plan since it affects many of our residents who work downtown. Councilmen Frank Doheny and Chip Hancock attended an open meeting about this situation and the Metro Mayor determined that additional study was needed and a decision will be made at a later date.

  • Shredding

    We will be discussing a time for shredding at our September Board meeting. As you know, we have had this shredding and the Octoberfest on the same weekend, and we may want to take a second look at when the timing of this event might be more advantageous to all concerned.

  • Ordinances

    At our August Board meeting we talked about two of our ordinances that need revision.

    Ordinance 13-03 relates to animals within the City. This ordinance had its first reading at the August Board meeting, and will have its second reading at our September meeting. It contains restrictions, the number of animals that can be kept, a penalty provision and related matters.

    Ordinance 13-04 has to do with our building code. We think the first reading will be at our September meeting. This ordinance will be related to building restrictions and requirements.

  • City Board Responsibilities

    We are very fortunate to have an active, concerned volunteer Council. Everyone has a job to do and does it well. Please do not hesitate to contact any of your Council as listed on the front page of this newsletter. Their responsibilities are as follows:

    BuildingCouncilman Bruce Madison & Jim Graven
    EventsCouncilwoman Abby Jackson & Councilman David Kraft
    FinancesCouncilmen Lyle Spalding & Chip Hancock
    PoliceChief Kelly Spratt, Councilmen Frank Doheny & Lee Garlove
    SanitationCouncilmen Joel Deming & Steve Gruebbel
    City WebsiteCouncilman Steve Gruebbel
    Mayor Thomas O. Eifler serves ex officio on all committees.

  • Appointed Positions in the City

    AttorneyFoster L Haunz
    City ClerkDonna Sinkhorn
    NewsletterBetty Guelich
    PoliceChief Kelly Spratt
    Public WorksDirector Jim Graven
    TreasurerRobin Roberts

    By Chief Kelly W. Spratt

    Crime Trends

    The Indian Hills Police Department has investigated roughly the same number of criminal cases so far this year, as compared to the same time in 2012. Both years are averaging 10 Thefts From Autos, 8 Burglaries, and 11 Thefts. Several of the thefts (other than from autos) have been committed by individuals with access to homes, such as housekeepers, contractors, and family members. While only one of the 2012 burglaries was cleared through investigation, three of the 2013 burglary case have already been cleared. Of the crimes listed above, the thefts from autos are the most preventable - if you leave valuables in your vehicle (locked or unlocked, visible or hidden), you have done half of the work for the thief that happens to look in your car.


    Officer Linda Coakley retired at the end of July, after serving 15 years with the Indian Hills Police Department. Linda began her career with the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office and joined our department in 1998. She worked most of her career during the evening shift and was quite familiar with many of the families in the community. We wish her a happy retirement and the best of luck in any new endeavors.

    Crime Alert

    As always, we encourage everyone to register for the department's crime alert e-mail system. The subscriber list continues to grow, especially after an alert has been sent out. This shows that members are sharing the new alert with non-members who then subscribe. The more participants we have, the more successful the program will become - with crime reduction being the ultimate goal. Please visit our website at and click on the "Crime Alert" tab to enroll.