City of Indian Hills Waste Management

GARBAGE is picked up in the
is picked up at CURBSIDE

RECYCLING - Bins are to be placed curbside. Be sure to use the lids provided to keep paper from scattering.

Following is Eco-Tech's list of acceptable and unacceptable items:

  • Acceptable paper materials:
    • White ledger paper: computer, copy machine and typewriter paper; white ledger pads, adding machine tape
    • News Quality Papers: newspaper, phonebooks, wide-lined news print
    • Folders: manila, colored and coated folders
    • Mail: letters, brochures, advertisements, magazines
    • Correspondence: legal pad paper, colored paper and message sheets, self adhesive notes, index cards, fax paper
    • Envelopes: with or without windows, with labels, colored and coated
    • Computer paper
    • Brown Papers: brown envelopes, brown grocery bags, cereal boxes, beverage cartons, grey cartons and clean pizza boxes (without grease)
    • Cardboard Boxes: broken down into 3' by 3' sections

  • Unacceptable paper materials:
    • Text Books: the glue binding contaminates the paper
    • Candy Wrappers: candy and sugars contaminate the paper
    • Dirty plates, cups and napkins: these items have food particles contaminating the paper
    • Facial tissue and paper towels: these items are contaminated

  • Acceptable plastic materials:
    • Plastic bottles number 1 (PETE): soda, water, shampoo and other small mouth bottles
    • Plastic bottles number 2 (HDPE): milk, detergent and other small-mouth bottles

  • Unacceptable plastic materials:
    • Oil jugs
    • Plastic plates, cups and utensils
    • Butter tub
    • Plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags)
    • Toys
    • Film containers

  • Acceptable metals:
    • Aluminum cans: beverage and food cans
    • Steel cans: soup, food and aerosol cans

  • Unacceptable metals:
    • Scrap metal
    • Pots and pans
    • Coat hangers
    • Paint cans

  • Acceptable glass:
    • Glass bottles and jars: clear, brown, blue and green - please rinse and remove lids

  • Unacceptable glass:
    • Window glass
    • Drinking glasses
    • Fish tanks
    • Light bulbs

Rinse all food residue from recycling items ... Eco-Tech cannot recycle items that have food particles or are soiled by food residue.

Labels need not be removed from bottles, jars, or cans.

If available, please separate paper products from the rest of the materials using paper bags.