Following is the text from the Summer, 2002, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


... and the livin' is easy. We have had a beautiful, lush, wet spring! We think our city looks the best it has in recent years. We have spent a great deal of money on landscaping, upgrading islands and excellent maintenance. We want to extend our appreciation to Councilman Jim Graven and Councilperson Marie Bukowski of the Public Works Committee, whose outstanding efforts have made the public areas of Indian Hills so attractive.

We have had to do a fair amount of tree work this year. Some trees have just fallen over due to excess moisture in the soil. This could be a very dangerous situation and we encourage all residents to check trees on their properties to make certain that there are no potential hazards such as leaning trees which could cause damage if they fall because of wet soil. As a matter of interest, some of the city tree problems have been caused by the manner in which utilities have trimmed trees in our wooded areas, making them top heavy or uneven on one side which caused them to pull out of the ground by the roots.

Council Person Joyce St. Clair

The 12th annual 4th of July parade in the Robinswood section of our City will occur on Thursday, July 4. If you have never attended this annual event, you have missed a treat: it is small town America at its best! The parade begins at the corner of Tuckaho and Merrick Roads at 10:30 a.m. and will happen rain-or-shine. It is a walking parade down Merrick, onto Hempstead Road and then ending at the cul-de-sac of Glen Cove Way. You are welcome to decorate yourself, your children, their bicycles, red wagons, baby strollers, etc. You are even welcome to walk along with your dog (leashed, of course). Every year one or more dogs get into a barking match. Joining us in the parade will be the Drum and Fife group and the Color Guard of the Sons of the American Revolution, a restored 1936 fire engine -Betsey -, along with a hook and ladder truck from the St Matthews Fire District, our IH police vehicles and whoever else happens by. At parade's end, we will have refreshments of watermelon and lemonade and will be entertained by the Rascals of Ragtime, a Dixieland band. The SAR will also fire their muskets, using blank ammunition.

If I get any takers, we will even have a watermelon seed-spitting contest for our children. Festivities are usually over by 11:45 a.m.

When I was the Mayor of Robinswood, I began our little parade with a borrowed boom box playing John Philip Sousa marching music and the children in the neighborhood loved it? It was a hoot and still is. So plan to drive over to Tuckaho and Merrick Roads, leave your car and participate in a sloooow walk on the 4th.This event is guaranteed to bring a smile to your facet See you there?

OCTOBERFEST - Another Date to Remember

Mark your calendar for Sunday afternoon, October 6 in Sagamore Park. Details in the September newsletter.


We have received our codified ordinances. We are currently reviewing them, and within the next few months our Indian Hills website will be active with copies of the ordinances as well as other pertinent information about the city,. This will be covered more extensively in our next newsletter the fall.


It seems that in every newsletter we find it necessary to remind residents about dogs running free and about dogs "doing their business" without their owners cleaning up after them. We do have an ordinance in our city about this issue, and the ordinance states as follows:

6.04.020 "Animals Running at Large - No person who is the owner of any animal shall permit it to run at large in any public road, highway, street, lane, or alley, or upon unenclosed land, or permit it to go on any private yard, lot, or enclosure without the consent of the owner of the yard, lot, or enclosure."

Also, Section 6.04.070 deals with the removal of animal excrement. Our police Department will enforce these ordinances and proper citations will be issued.


A year or so ago we developed a city sticker for the vehicles of residents of the City of Indian Hills. These are certainly not mandatory, but they are most helpful to our police department. If you would like one or more stickers for your vehicle(s), make a call to the police department at 893-COPS (893-2677). Each sticker is to be displayed on the driver's side rear bumper or the driver's side rear window.


Following is a comprehensive article written by Council Person Joyce St. Clair, who with Councilman Bob Murphy handles the garbage collection for Indian Hills. Garbage collection, as you are probably aware, is one of the most expensive services that your city provides to Indian Hills residents.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Garbage Collection - And Then Some.
Indian Hills Council Person Joyce St. Clair

There are about 1250 homes in the newly combined City of Indian Hills. Our garbage contract is with RUMPKE and will expire mid-2003. In December, 1999 the former 4 cities of Indian Hills-Country Club, Indian Hills-Cherokee, Robinswood and Winding Falls were combined and the new City Council elected to maintain the existing individual contracts with the contractor. That decision will change when we sign a new contract in mid-2003 with whatever company bids successfully. But in the meantime, we continue to use the following contract schedules, which appear below:

  • Indian Hills-Country/Club section: garbage collection on Tuesdays and Fridays; recycling on your own; once/month yard waste collection (first Monday)
  • Indian Hills-Cherokee section: garbage collection on Tuesdays and Fridays; recycling on your own; every Tuesday yard waste collection
  • Robinswood Section: once/week garbage pick up on Tuesdays; recycling every Monday; every Tuesday yard waste collection
  • Winding Falls Section: garbage collection on Tuesdays and Fridays; recycling every Friday; every Tuesday yard waste collection

When Councilman Bob Murphy and I receive your phone calls relating to "no pickup," we call RUMPKE immediately. We assume your problem is taken care of unless we receive a follow-up call to the contrary. Sometimes however, we have a serious problem. This problem relates to your phone messages in which your may not leave us either your address or telephone number. A number of people have unlisted phone numbers; therefore, we cannot return your call unless we receive the number from you in the actual message. For your information, both Bob and I check our telephone messages, even from our respective offices, throughout the day. We try to be conscientious and want to solve your garbage problem. To facilitate solving your garbage concerns, please tape our phone numbers to your refrigerator door (or other findable place): Bob Murphy, 896-6259 or me, 893-5946.

Below are several additional items of information you should know:

During the summer months, RUMPKE will be picking up the Country Club section garbage around 6:30 a.m. The reason for this earlier hour is that the garbage haulers have the opportunity to start their workday earlier so that their workday will end before the hot, hot heat of mid-day. This practice is customary in the garbage industry. You may want to place your garbage out after dark the evening before the collection. If you fear the arrival of raccoons on your property, "bungee" straps can be purchased from any hardware store. These straps secure your garbage cans from predators.

In the past the Country Club section has received yard waste collection on a once per month basis. As far as we can tell, only about 10% of those residents use this service, and for those who do use it, once per month is probably not enough. This once per month yard waste service for CC will be discontinued after the first Monday of November. We have arranged for individual independent yard waste collection for the Country- Club section from our current waste collector, RUMPKE. You may contract independently for once/week yard waste collection with RUMPKE. Their pricing is $90 for a one year contract, $30 for 3 months and $35 for 4 months. To arrange for this separate service, call Mike Sweeten, RUMPKE, 568-3800. You will be billed directly by RUMPKE.

RUMPKE continues to have personnel turnover in handling garbage collection (which is normal for this industry). What this fact means to you is that sometimes there is no history in collecting your garbage; this is generally when you may be missed on collection day. They are doing everything they can to solve this problem; including sending the residential route supervisors out to the collection sites to ensure garbage pickups.

Holiday collection follows a "next day" schedule. For instance, this 4th of July holiday occurs on Thursday. RUMPKE personnel have the holiday off also, so if you normally have Friday garbage collection, it will be picked up on Saturday. Another example is Labor Day when the actual holiday is celebrated on Monday. Normal Monday scheduling will occur on Tuesday; normal Tuesday collection will be picked up on Wednesday, etc.

If you need assistance, give either Bob Murphy or me a call.

Chief Kelly Spratt

This is probably the busiest time of the year for the Department (nice weather, schools/colleges out, etc.), but we have also been busy with "behind the scenes" matters as well:

The Department was granted approval by the City Council to purchase new in-car video cameras for all the marked patrol units, and new radars for all units, marked and unmarked. The cameras are major assets in that they protect the Department and City from any potential false claims of misconduct. We strive for professionalism and integrity in everything we do, and these cameras will support our actions, as well as provide critique training and assist in prosecutions of cases such as DUI arrests. Although our traffic enforcement has increased, we continue to receive speeding complaints throughout the city. The new radars will enable our officers to more effectively monitor traffic in the city. The new radars will replace outdated ones currently used (some are 20+ years old).

The Department applied to receive a complete computer system through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and has received notification that we were approved. We should receive the system during the month of June, and will be used in the locating of missing children, along with any use deemed necessary by the Department. The Department receives this computer system at no cost. The NCMEC is also a partner in the KidCare ID events sponsored by the Department.

Crime Prevention Tip

In February of this year, the Department began investigating in incident in which outgoing checks were stolen from a residentís mailbox. The suspects then used the residents name and bank account information to illegally withdraw funds from his bank account. Both suspects have since been indicted by the Jefferson County Grand Jury. Please be aware that criminals often take advantage of our comfort in and around our homes, including in our belief that the postal earlier will be the only person to retrieve items from your mailbox. If at all possible, the Department would suggest that outgoing payments be dropped in a curbside mailbox or directly to an area branch.

We are also investigating several recent thefts from vehicles. Please be sure to lock your vehicle and, most importantly, remove any valuable items (laptop computers, golf equipment, etc.). As always, call 893-COPS (2677) immediately if you see anyone or anything suspicious.

Note: The Octoberfest last year introduced the KidsID for the city and a number of our children had their pictures and fingerprints taken at that time. For those of you who have not done so as yet, this summer break from school is a great time to make an appointment with our police department to have this identification made. Chief Kelly Spratt just returned from a seminar about KidsID and there are new developments in the identification process, which will be covered in depth in the next newsletter. In the meantime, make your appointment by calling 893-COPS (2677).


Since our city is almost 100% developed, most of the building that is done by residents include remodeling, additions, tree removal, pools, etc. We have divided up this work done by the City Council as follows:

Trees & Public Works Matters, Roads, Maintenance
Councilman Jim Graven
Council Person Marie Bukowski

Building Permits
Cherokee Area - Councilman Jim Aubrey
Country Club Area - Councilman Bruce Madison
Robinswood & Winding Fails Areas - Councilman Frank Pont rich


We have been advised that in a recent Louisville Country Club newsletter the Country Club has announce plans top put indoor tennis courts with a 35-car Parking lot which would be serviced off of Indian Hills Trail. This is something we are certainly watching with great interest; while the Country Club is not in our' city, Indian Hills Trail certainly is! As we learn more about this development we will advise you in a future newsletter.

In addition, we have heard of a potential residential development along Country Club Road on a portion of the Collis property. While we have not been notified or seen any plans for this development, we have seen survey stakes on this piece of property located at Indian Hills Trail and Country Club Road.

Both of these developments are a concern to us because of the Audubon Preserve and further development of the lower Trail park-like setting. We will keep you advised.


Indian Hills Councilman Bob Murphy, as most of you know, is the past mayor of Winding Falls and was a candidate for District 16 of the Metro Government. Bob was not a winning candidate, but as we told him when he decided to nm for that office, whatever the outcome of the race, Indian Hills would be a winner ... either having him represent us on the Metro Council or having him continue to serve within our city. He has been a very effective leader and worker.


We extend our gratitude to Councilman Ric Cusick for the years of dedicated work he has done codifying the ordinances of the City of Indian Hills.


You may have noticed some construction on the corner of River Road and Indian Hills Trail. This will be a memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives for us. They deserve to be remembered for their honorable service to our country. There was an international design competition for the Patriots Peace Memorial. The winning design by David Quillin incorporates Thurman-Hutchins park landscape and will embody the significance of this tribute to our lost patriots.

This historic site was graciously donated by David and Betty Jones, Indian Hills residents who also gave to our city the wonderful land and office that houses our Police Department. We extend our thanks to them for another generous donation.


We are currently working on the budget for the fiscal year 2002-03. Councilman Spalding has spent many hours working on the numbers, and as always has done a commendable job. Your Council had the first reading of the budget at our May Board Meeting. The second reading is on the agenda of the June meeting, and when it is passed it will be published in the Courier-Journal.

Just a quick highlight of our budget and what you can do to help keep our taxes at a minimum. First of all, our two largest items of expense, which we do our best to control, are police protection and waste removal; these items account for nearly 80% of our total budget. On the revenue side of the budget, our two greatest income items are, of course, property taxes and insurance premium taxes. The premium tax is where we can use your help.

In accordance with Kentucky State law, a local government premium tax of 5% is levied on providers of all insurance such as life, health, vehicle, casualty liability, inland marine, and fire & allied perils. Over 10% of the annual revenue of our City ($87,000) results from insurers paying this tax to Indian Hills. This saves each City taxpayer annually about 2 cents per $100 of assessed value on property tax.

The City receives this payment only if a resident has advised insurance providers to remit the tax to the City of Indian Hills. If not notified, the providers make the payment to Jefferson County or to the City of Louisville. We believe that there is an opportunity for more Indian Hills revenue and thus lower property taxes if all residents would advise insurers that the premium tax payments be remitted to the City of Indian Hills.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Each time you pay an insurance premium, place one of the stickers attached to this newsletter on your check or on the payment notice. It states:

P O BOX 6289
LOUISVILLE, KY 40206-6289

We believe this element of City revenue can be more than doubled and thus lower property taxes without any cost to our residents.

Construction is Underway for Phase II of Waterfront Park

A Message from Your 'A' District Commissioner: RUSS MAPLE

The Ohio River holds a prominent place in the history of Louisville. Therefore, it is only fitting that a major focus of our community's revitalization is being directed toward the developments of Waterfront Park located in downtown Louisville. The first phase of Waterfront Park is complete and open to the public. Sections of Phase I include the Riverfront Wharf area with spectacular sights and sounds of the Water Feature, Festival Plaza, Linear Park where the Children's Play Area is located, and the eleven-acre Great Lawn.

Construction is currently underway for Phase II of Waterfront Park and includes an additional play area, a cafe, conversion of the Big Four Bridge into a pedestrian walkway across the Ohio River, an amphitheater, and much more. Sections of Phase II arc expected to be complete by summer 2003.

This is definitely the park of the future. Providing an excellent view of the river as well as enhancing the scenic qualities of its surroundings, Waterfront Park is a valuable asset to our community. Please take advantage of these exciting developments. If you have any questions, comments, ox concerns, feel free to contact my office at 574-5754.