Following is the text from the Summer, 2003, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Last week you were sent the Special June Newsletter concerning Indian Hills' new garbage contract. It consisted of several pages of information, the highlights of which are as follows:

  • Garbage collection once a week on Tuesdays.
  • Recycling collection once a week on Tuesdays.
  • Yard waste collection once a week on Tuesdays during the season which we anticipate will be from March through November of each year.
  • The recycling bins with lids will be delivered on either Tuesday, June 24 or Tuesday, July 1. For those residents who currently recycle, the orange bins will be picked up when your new bins are delivered. We remind you to remove the empty recycling bins from the front of your house as quickly as you can.

If you need a copy of the Special Report that was delivered earlier this month containing all of the specifics about the City's new garbage contract, please call your Mayor, one of your Council Members or the Police Department, and we will see that you receive a copy. A convenient 2-page summary of the garbage contract is available on the Indian Hills web site.


At the June 17 City Council meeting, we had the second reading of the budget for the year 2003-2004. This budget covers not only all of Indian Hills, but the area we have annexed. A special thanks to Councilman Lyle Spalding, who has done a great deal of work on the preparation of this budget. We feel that the budget reflects in a fair manner the operations of our City. A copy of this budget ordinance, which will be published in the Courier-Journal, was attached to this newsletter. It is also available by clicking here.

  • The largest single expense and our most valuable City asset is our police force. They represent approximately 47% of our budget.
  • Waste removal represents approximately 30% of our budget.
  • Beautification of the parks and landscaping represents approximately 11% of our budget.
So you can see that we quickly approach 90% of our revenue with these three items.

And where can YOU help? Not only do you help with City revenues by paying your taxes, you can provide additional help at no expense to you by making sure that your insurance companies pay the insurance premium tax to the City of Indian Hills and not to Metro Louisville. How? Simply inform them that you live in Indian Hills. The insurance premium tax fees as they currently stand account for about 10% of the City's total income. These are dollars that we would have to raise through property taxes if we didn't receive them through the insurance fees. If you do not specify the City of Indian Hills as your address to your insurance agents, the default option is to give the monies to Metro Louisville. Metro Louisville does not provide your services, WE do. So please place the following note on all insurance payments you make:

P. O. BOX 6289
LOUISVILLE, KY 40206-0289

Tax Rate for 2003-2004 - The tax rate for the City of Indian Hills will not change. The rate will continue to be 20 cents per each $100 of property valuation, with a 7.5% discount off the face amount of the bill if paid by December 31, 2003. We anticipate the tax bills will be mailed in early October, 2003.

Delinquent Taxes - Of the approximately 1,250 taxable units in the City of Indian Hills, we have 6 individuals who have not paid their taxes for the current year. These have been turned over to our attorney, who will file liens on the properties, and these will be published by the Courier-Journal. The tax bills will then be sold so that we may collect our money, and whoever buys the bills can earn interest on these delinquent property taxes.

COPS CORNER - Chief Kelly Spratt

"Gypsy Alert": There has been at least one "gypsy" alert in the area (not in Indian Hills) in the past week. The "gypsy" type of burglar takes advantage of unlocked doors and unsuspecting homeowners. They enter the homes to steal mostly jewelry and silver, and, if confronted, claim they are looking for their lost dog or cat. Remember to keep all doors locked, even if you are just outside doing year/garden work. Please report any suspicious person or vehicle immediately by calling 893-COPS (893-2677).

There have not been any "gypsy" incidents in Indian Hills this year, but it is always a possibility. Indian Hills is fortunate in the fact that random burglaries are rare. The overwhelming majority of thefts from homes in Indian Hills are committed by people hired to clean or maintain the property (roofers, painters, etc.). Always be aware of not only whom you hire, but also the belongings in your home which are susceptible to being stolen.

The Department has recently acquired three new vehicles to add to its fleet, including a four-wheel drive Ford Explorer. This should be a valuable asset during inclement winter weather.

As the Fourth of July approaches, the Indian Hills Police Department asks everyone to remember and follow Kentucky's laws on the use of fireworks. Kentucky laws prohibit using any firework which "has as part of its device any wings, fins, or other mechanism designed to cause the device to fly", or if it carries a cautionary label which includes in its description any of the following terms: “explosive”, "emits flaming pellets", "flaming balls", "firecracker", "report", or "rocket". To put it simply, common wire sparklers and "snakes" are legal; all others are NOT.


Speaking of the Fourth of July, the 14th annual July 4 Parade in the Robinswood Section of our City will occur on … guess when … you're RIGHT: Friday, July 4 at 10:30 a.m. If you have attended this event, you know about its universal appeal, and if you have never attended, prepare yourself for a Norman Rockwell traditional treat. This is a walking parade beginning at the corner of Tuckaho and Merrick Roads and ending on the cul de sac of Glen Cove Way. Each year the parade is led by the Drum & Fife Corps and the color guards of the Sons of the American Revolution. In the parade will be several fire trucks, one of which is a restored 1966 Seagrave fire truck owned by our own City Councilman Jim Graven.

Please come and enjoy walking with your neighbors. You are welcome to decorate yourselves, your children, bicycles, red wagons, baby strollers and leashed dogs.

At the end of the parade there will be refreshment of watermelon and lemonade, and we will be entertained by the Rascals of Ragtime, an outstanding Dixieland band. The Sons of the American Revolution will fire their muskets (using blank ammunition). Our thanks to Councilperson Joyce St. Clair for her continued great work on this memorable event.


MAIL CARRIER RETIRES - Winding Falls Section Councilman Bob Murphy reports that residents of the Winding Falls Section of Indian Hills are bidding farewell to a faithful mail carrier friend, who has served for the last 20 years. Jerry Thornberry has displayed dedication far beyond what is required. Many of us have our own personal stories about the special way he served our community. We regret the fact that he has retired, but wish him the very best in the new phase of his life. If you would like to send him a retirement thank you message, we are sure he would be pleased. His home address is:

Jerry Thornberry
1118 Ridge Line Dr.
Louisville, KY 40207


The wet spring has hampered our plans for sprucing up the City of Indian Hills. We have mulched where we could, but we still have some weeding and planting to do, so please bear with us. Councilman Jim Graven has done a great job of seeing that our City is in our current good shape; he has replaced many signs, painted sign posts, etc., all the “little" things that make Indian Hills such a special place.


In our winter newsletter, we reported the resignation of Councilman Frank Pontrich when he moved out of our City. At the June meeting of your Council, we appointed resident Nancy Stablein to replace Mr. Pontrich. Her name is very familiar to those residents who live in the Indian Hills Country Club Section, where she was a Commissioner before the merger of our four cities. Ms. Stablein was a very effective leader on that Board where she served for fifteen years; her primary responsibility was the maintenance of City roads, drainage and the sewer project.

Councilman Stablein has along history in our community, beginning in 1935 when she lived here with her parents. After her marriage she moved away for a time and reestablished her Indian Hills residency in 1970. She works with many civic and charitable organizations including among others the UL Alumni Association, Historic Locust Grove, Historic Homes Foundation, the Filson Club and Riverfields, Inc.

We welcome Councilman Stablein to the Indian Hills Council, where she will be working primarily on the Public Works Committee. Her address is 197 Westwind Road, phone # 895-5605.


There is not much new information to report on this issue; the lawsuit continues. District Representative Kelly Downard, who lives in our City, stated that when he was campaigning and walking through our district, he was asked by people in the unincorporated area about being annexed by Indian Hills. We were happy to accommodate the request that they made to the City because it makes sense to "square out" the City boundaries. The majority of the people in this area desired annexation, and we were told that as many as 85% of them wanted to be annexed. This is an area that will probably never receive any services from Metro Government, and whose residents are willing to pay Indian Hills taxes in order to receive the benefits of Indian Hills services.

The lawsuit is bogged down in politics and we will keep you advised as it progresses.


We had a number of calls from residents this year about mosquitoes and about West Nile Virus. Last month Mayor Eifler attended a forum held by the Louisville Health Department, and they distributed some information which we are passing on to you for the best ways of controlling mosquitoes and eliminating their breeding sites. The Health Department has sprayed the areas in Indian Hills where we could have infestation problems. If you see standing water anywhere around your property, they will come and spray. If you need to talk with them, their number is 574-6650, web site

STOP mosquitoes from breeding around your home: The best way to control mosquitoes is to find and eliminate their breeding sites. Check these areas around your property:

  • Remove trash, bottles and debris holding water
  • Clean clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Flush birdbaths and fountains weekly
  • Drain flowerpots, other garden containers
  • Turn over wheelbarrows, other lawn items
  • Drain water from children's wading pools, toys
  • Fix leaky faucets where water stands
  • Remove old tires that hold water
  • Fill in holes, depressions in the yard
  • Clean debris out of drainage easements
  • Eliminate standing water around air conditioner units
  • Adjust tarps over woodpiles, grills and boats so water will not stand in the tarp