Following is the text from the Spring, 2003, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

We are all looking forward to spring, and it is nice to welcome warmer weather after a very cold and snowy winter. Snow removal has been extremely expensive this year. Many thanks to our hard-working Councilman Jim Graven, who, along with Councilwoman Marie Bukowski, heads our Public Works Department. He handled snow removal quickly and efficiently with minimum inconvenience to most of our city residents.

As we head into spring, your city is planning the sprucing up of islands, planting annuals, and trimming where necessary; we know that most residents will be doing the same. Your Council encourages enthusiastic preparation for the many guests who will come into our city at Derby time ... just around the corner.

Also in the spring spruce-up of our city we plan to replace and upgrade any missing or damaged signs. In some intersections where we constantly have had damage to grassy areas, we will install concrete curbs. This will be done particularly in the Winding Falls Section and several places in the Country Club Section. These curbs will be similar to those that have been constructed in the City of Northfield and in the Robinswood Section of Indian Hills.

Each year at this time we remind our residents that boat storage, yard sales and unleashed dogs are not permitted in our city. In addition, this is the time of year when many of us begin thinking of making changes to our homes. Our building regulations require the need to obtain permits for any home additions, fences, tree removal, swimming pools, etc. These permits can be obtained by contacting one of the Building Committee members, Councilmen Jim Aubrey, Bruce Madison or Jim Graven, whose phone numbers appear of the first page of this newsletter.


Just a word about our property taxes: As you know, the taxes for our city are due January 1 of each year (in order to receive the discount). After February 1, there is a 10% penalty and 1-1/2% interest per month until paid. The majority of the taxes in Indian Hills are paid in the discount period, but out of our 1250 residences, there are approximately 60 delinquent taxpayers this year. This number is not unusual and occurs most often because the property owner thinks that his mortgage company has paid the tax bill and later finds this is not the case. Delinquent notices will be sent to the appropriate residents within the next two weeks.


We are currently working on our budget for the next fiscal year, July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. Our budget for the current fiscal year is a little over $900,000. The two major items on the budget are Police and Garbage Collection, which represent over 80%. We feel sure that this number will increase in the next fiscal year.

One thing that we always mention when it comes to finances in our city is what YOU can do to help in this regard: Be sure that you notify your insurance companies that the insurance premium tax fees should be paid to the City of Indian Hills. For your information, the insurance premium fees account for about 10% of our annual income. The default option if we fail to notify our insurance companies of our city of residence is that the money will be sent to Louisville Metro Government, which certainly does not provide your services.

In a recent newsletter we enclosed stickers to be sent with insurance premium bills, and we thank all of you who did so; we encourage our new residents to do the same. A copy of the sticker including the information that should be sent to insurance companies appears below.

P. O. BOX 6289
LOUISVILLE, KY 40206-0289


As we mentioned, police protection and waste management are the two big items in our city budget, and we would like to give you some information about each.

Police Protection - We are convinced that the police protection in Indian Hills is the BEST AVAILABLE IN JEFFERSON COUNTY. Our police response time is about two minutes. Our police units are up to date and state of the art. They all have cameras installed that are activated when the lights and siren are used in that particular police vehicle. Our units are complete with defib units in case they are needed for a heart attack victim; as you know, the first four minutes of a heart attack are crucial. With our excellent response time, lives can be saved.

Our Police Department also has the KidPrint Program ID which provides parents with identification in the event of a lost child, if you have not taken advantage of this program, we encourage you to call your police headquarters (893-COPS) and make an appointment to have your child ID'd. As we have mentioned before, we have extended this ID program to Dunne Elementary School, which is within our city boundaries and which serves many of our children.

Our Police Department serves the City of Indian Hills and by contract also serves the Cities of Rolling Fields and Mockingbird Valley.

Some interesting statistics about our police which certainly illustrate the great value of our #1 city asset are attached hereto in Chief Kelly Spratt's report to the city covering the year 2002 (see below). As you can see, the police had 3280 calls for service and over 30,000 house and business watches.

We as a Board are convinced that our police protection as our #1 budget item is certainly worth its weight in gold and should be kept on the cutting edge.

Waste Management - The second budget item, waste management, represents over $300,000 of our current budget and will probably represent significantly more than that amount in next year's budget. You may remember we reported to you that when we merged our four cities we kept some existing contracts because we knew that to terminate contracts at the time of merger would only increase the cost to our new city. The final old contract expires June 30, 2003. At the present time we are in the process of rebidding a uniform contract for Indian Hills. As a result of a great deal of work by Councilman Bob Murphy and Councilwoman Joyce St. Clair, we have advertised for bids for this contract which will be effective July 1, 2003. Our bids will be for either a two-year or a three-year period and the breakdown for the bid and various options on which we are requesting bids is attached (see below).

This will be the first time that the merged city will unite under the same contract. At this point we are not certain what the contract will include. This will be determined when we see how bids come in to us and what Indian Hills can afford. We will be in communication with you to update you on our decisions.

By Bob Murphy

Some of our residents are recycling and below is a report from Councilwoman Joyce St. Clair and Councilman Bob Murphy regarding items which are acceptable for recycling.

Recently, Joyce St. Clair and I have received calls concerning the items which are acceptable for recycling. To be sure that we responded to these inquiries accurately, we have asked Rumpke to supply us with a list of the expanded number of items, which they accept. Most notably, Rumpke now accepts all plastic containers marked # 1 through #7. The following comprehensive list should clarify which items to include in your "Red Bin":

  • Plastic bottles and jars # 1 through #7
  • Newspapers, including advertising inserts
  • Brown grocery bags
  • Telephone books
  • Magazines and catalogs that are no thicker than one inch
  • Office and computer paper
  • Paperboard and beverage carrying cases
  • Gift boxes, cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, etc.
  • Glass bottles and jars: clear and all colors
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin, steel, bi-metal food cans
  • Aluminum foil and foil food containers
  • Corrugated cardboard: bundles two feet by two feet
Remember to rinse all food residue from these items. They cannot recycle items that have food particles or are soiled by food residue. You do not need to remove paper labels from cans or jars. Finally, if you have any questions about an item, please call one of Rumpke's Customer Service Representatives at 568-3800.


As we reported in our winter newsletter, we have been asked for annexation by a number of individuals who live in unincorporated Jefferson County in areas adjacent to Indian Hills. We have followed the law for annexation; we have completed the ordinances for annexation, and the process was completed on December 30, 2002. The City of Louisville (before they went out of business and became Metro Louisville) filed suit to block this annexation; our attorney Foster Haunz is currently dealing with this matter.

This annexation affects about 300 parcels of property and is very meaningfull to Indian Hills in order to square out the city boundaries. While we do not anticipate spending a great deal of time or money on this project, we have responded to the lawsuit. Our Metro District Representative for District 16, Kelly Downard, also lives in Indian Hills and has been extremely helpful to us as we navigate this course with the new Metro Council. He has held meetings with the residents involved, and we believe that approximately 70% of them are in favor of this annexation.

As we have observed before, our city did not instigate this annexation, nor is this project a "land grab" on our part. This is simply a request by individuals who live in unincorporated Jefferson County, who feel that they would be better served by becoming a part of Indian Hills rather than a part of Metro Louisville.

If the lawsuit is dropped, which we believe it should be, the annexation process is complete.


We have met several times with the Kentucky Highway Department about these two dangerous intersections (one next to the Highland Cleaners and one at Pennington Road). The proposal from the Highway Department is to put islands at the ends of these two intersections which should prohibit left tums off of Brownsboro Road at Pennington and Highland Cleaners. At the same time we would prohibit left tutns off of Brownsboro Road into Chippewa on the south side of Brownsboro Road. Therefore, traffic going west on US42 could still turn right next to Highland Cleaners and right at Pennington. Traffic coming out of Indian Hills at Highland Cleaners and Pennington would still be able to turn right to travel west on US42; however, traffic coming east on US42 would have to turn left at the left turn lane provided at Chenoweth Lane, or at the traffic light at Club Lane, or at the east entrance to Indian Hills at Moccasin Trail.

We are evaluating this proposal for reasons of safety, because we have had a number of very serious accidents and close calls at these intersections. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact Mayor Eifler or Police Chief Spratt.


Home Decorating Contest Results - Winding Falls Section
By Councilman Bob Murphy

This year's house decorating contest was a great success. The many participants decorated their homes tastefully and added to the beauty of the season. In keeping with tradition, last year's winner, Chuck Lawfence, was 2002's judge. I drove him throughout the neighborhood on December 18 to evaluate the decorations. The 2002 winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place was awarded to the Gruebbels at 2107 Rudy Lane
  • 2nd Place was given to the Allisons at 6006 Hackney Coach Dr.
  • 3rd Place was won by the ArnoIds at 2207 Bell Tavern Ct.
  • 4th Place was earned by the Nobles at 5901 Hickman Ct.
Honorable Mention (in no particular order) were as follows: Judson Wagenseller and Linda Lawrence, the Flaigs, John Stratton, the Fitz-Gibbons, the Bucayas at 2107, 2204, 1912, 1904 and 1901 respectively on Bainbridge Row Dr.; and the Escolas at 1903 Lonlipman Ct.

Congratulations to the winners! The first three places received gift certificates from Austin's Restaurant. We would like to thank the restaurant for their generous gifts. Austin's has been sponsoring this annual contest for many years.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

During 2002, the Indian Hills Police investigated several thefts from vehicles. Most cases were cleared with arrests; however, prevention is always our main goal. As spring approaches, so does the season for these types of crimes. Please remember to always lock your vehicle and to always remove valuable items from the interior of your vehicle. These tips should be followed at home, work, or elsewhere. People feel most safe at home and criminals take advantage of that if we let them.

If you need to contact the Indian Hills Police, call 893-COPS (2677). If an officer does not answer the call, you will hear a greeting. This greeting explains that you may stay on the line and leave a voicemessage for house watches and business calls, or dial "0" for immediate assistance. Dialing "0" will connect you with our dispatchers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. These dispatchers will take all pertinent information to assist in any emergency or situation. These dispatchers can also receive house watch requests.

TotalsIndian HillsRolling FieldsMockingbird ValleyOther Areas
Calls for Service32802338346147449
House & Business Checks30578    
Field Contacts25520329815
TOTAL CONTACTS1405102014991145
TOTAL REPORTS18714323714


All prices bid below are on a monthly charge for the designated services per residence. Provide prices for both 7/1/03 thru 6/30/05 and 7/1/05 thru 6/30/06

1. Garbage Collection Services twice a week including once per week recycling and weekly Yard Waste removal - March thru November

2. Twice weekly rear door Garbage Collection Services only

3. Twice weekly rear door Garbage Collection Services, with twice a month recyclable collection and weekly Yard Waste removal - March thru November

4. Once weekly rear door Garbage Collection Services, with once per week recyclable collection and weekly Yard Waste removal - March thru November

5. Subscription Recyclable Collection Services billed directly to resident who subscribes

6. Subscription Yard Waste Collection Services billed directly to resident who subscribes

7. Weekly Rear Door recyclable collection services

8. Collection days for services under above numbered

a. No. 1 Garbage collection
    No. 1 Recycling
    No. 1 Yard Waste Removal

b. No. 2

c. No. 3 Garbage collection
    No. 3 Recycling
    No. 3 Yard Waste Removal

d. No. 4 Garbage collection
    No. 4 recyclable collection
    No. 4 Yard Waste Removal

e. No. 5

f. No. 6

g. No. 7