Following is the text from the Spring, 2008, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


As we begin this newsletter, we seem to be reliving the rite of passage of the turkey buzzards in Indian Hills. Two years ago in this letter we shared similar information on these dreaded birds. Again for some reason their normal roosts have been disturbed and they have returned to our area, especially the Country Club section of our City.

These birds are a protected species; therefore, we cannot harm them nor would we want to do so. We can make the area where they roost uncomfortable for them, using pyrotechnic shots that cause them to disperse. We were told by the wildlife people that the birds will move on if we do this on a regular basis for 6 to 7 days, and that is the procedure we are now following. Our thanks to Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, for his vigilance in working to rid our City of these birds before spring arrives.


And, speaking of spring, it is the time in our City when we take a look at ourselves, making sure that we are trimmed, planted, mulched and do all of the other normal maintenance work that springtime brings. Our City property includes a number of park areas, islands, rights-of-way, etc., that we maintain to make sure that the City is aesthetically attractive for our residents and visitors.

We also ask that you residents do your part to make sure that your property is well maintained and does not create unattractive areas for you or your neighbors.

Two items that we would ask you to consider:

  1. We have had several complaints in recent times about mailboxes that are in disrepair. Many of them have paper boxes hanging off of them that currently do not appear to be used because most papers are delivered in plastic sleeves and thrown onto driveways. Perhaps the paper boxes could be removed altogether.

    It has been suggested to the City that we offer a proposal to replace existing mailboxes that are in disrepair. The suggestion had been that if we have 30 or more owners who would like to have new mailboxes and posts, that we get bids on a multi-unit basis and provide this service to residents who might want to take advantage of a possible savings to the property owners involved. This service would, of course, not be a City expense, but a discount is a possibility.

    If you have interest in this project, please let us know (our objective is not to have every mailbox look alike as some cities do.)

  2. The other complaint that we have had is the lack of maintenance on fences. While as a City we are not in favor of permanent fences, once they are constructed, they need to be maintained. This is particularly true of wooden or stockade type of fences. In some cases in our City there are fences with boards missing, moss build ups and a general look of disrepair. A lot of these wood-type fences need to be invigorated with a good cleaning and/or a coat of sealer.

    On the other types of fences that are painted, please check on their maintenance also.

    Incidentally, a fence permit is required for any fence construction.

As always, if you see items and issues in the City that need to be addressed this spring, please do not hesitate to call any of your City Officials listed in this newsletter, who will make certain that the proper responsible individual gets the information.

As we discuss maintenance, we also want to remind you that any construction, additions, fences, swimming pools all require a permit from the City of Indian Hills. New driveways and driveway resurfacing must be permitted as well. We have had recent problems in the City with driveway resurfacing where the addition of an inch or so of asphalt creates a drainage problem for the property owner or his neighbors. We work very closely with MSD on drainage issues in the City even though it is not our responsibility.


Delinquent Taxes

As of this writing, we have sent delinquent tax letters to those who have not paid their City taxes as of February 1, 2008. We currently have 32 tax delinquencies in our City, which is about average for each year. In most of the cases, the same residents were delinquent last year. Their payment now includes 10% penalty and interest.

The next step after the letter (even though the tax itself is a lien on the property) is to perfect that lien and ultimately go for foreclosure on the property.


Our crackerjack financial guru Councilman Lyle Spalding is currently working on the 2008-09 budget for the City of Indian Hills. He once again wants to remind you of the importance of the insurance premium fees that our City collects, which offsets approximately 10% of our budget. That means that as property owners, they are dollars that we do not have to pay in City taxes to balance the budget.

It is important when you receive your insurance bill that you check it to be sure that the community that receives the insurance premium fee is the City of Indian Hills. If it does not appear, be sure to let the insurance provider know that you live in the City of Indian Hills. The reason for this is that if your address does not show Indian Hills, the default option is that the money goes to Metro Government, who does not provide the services you receive.


We received our annual audit ending June 30, 2007, and once again we received an unqualified opinion on the financial statements of our City. We continue to operate on budget. We have a "rainy day fund" to meet unforeseen unbudgeted situations and we strive to maintain financial and aesthetic conditions of the City to the best of our ability.


We feel that our waste collection company, Rumpke of Kentucky, continues to do an excellent job for our City. Councilpersons Bukowski, Deming and Murphy work with Rumpke on a regular basis to ensure that their service to our City is the best possible.

The following is information provided to us recently by Rumpke and gives information on trash collection, recycling and yard waste. As you know, the City does not provide yard waste collection; it is an optional service between the property owners and Rumpke of Kentucky. The highlight of this information is that the yard waste collection for 2008 begins on March 1 8 and the final collection will be on December 9.

A Message from Rumpke of Kentucky

The City of Indian hills provides sanitation services through a contract with Rumpke of Kentucky, Inc. All services are on Tuesday. Normal collection begins at 7:00 AM.


Trash is collected weekly at each residence (referred to as rear door collection). The limit at this location is three (3), thirty-two gallon cans or their equivalent. Additional household trash above this limit may be placed at the curbside if properly contained. Rumpke has agreed to provide you with a 95-gallon waste wheeler (Rumpke brown trash can on wheels, with a lid) if you agree to bring all trash to the curbside.


Recycling is collected weekly at the curbside. You are provided with a City of Indian Hills green recycling bin and lid. You may recycle plastic jars and bottles labeled #1 through #7, glass jars and bottles both clear and colored, office paper and junk mail, newspaper, paperboard (such as cracker or beverage boxes), shredded paper placed in clear plastic bags, and magazines up to one inch thick. Not acceptable are plastic grocery bags, pizza boxes and other fast food containers, plastic plates, napkins and tissues, or Styrofoam.


Yard waste is an optional service and is collected nine months out of the year in what is referred to as the "Yard Waste Season". In 2008 the first collection will be March 18, and the final collection will be December 9. (Note: This is different than in previous years of March 1 through November 30.) You are billed directly for this service by Rumpke. if you had this optional service in 2007, you have paid for service from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008. You will receive an invoice in June for the next period, July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. Contract months do not correspond with yard waste season months, thus there is an overlap in the billing.

If you did not have yard waste collection in 2007 and wish to have it now, you may call Rumpke at 568-3800. Your fee for this period (March through June) will be prorated and you will receive an invoice in June for the next period, as mentioned above.


At our February City Council Meeting, we had the first reading of our updated ordinances; after we have had the second reading, these will be posted on our website, the address of which is on the front of this newsletter.

Speaking of our website, Councilman Joel Deming is going to be working more and more with this site and we are going to have more information such as the approved meeting minutes and anything pertinent to Indian Hills that might be of interest to residents.


The U.S. Postal Service has recently made available a brochure from the Consumer Response Center of the Federal Trade Commission concerning the ever-increasing problem of Identity theft. It is a publication well worth reading. It discusses the effects of theft on credit standing, the ability to receive medical care, the sale of your house or car, etc. - a lot of good information.

The brochure is available on line at or you can write to FTC at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, H130, Washington DC 20580.


Other issues:

  • Azalia Restaurant Property

    Lots of rumors, but nothing concrete at this time of which we are aware. Rumors include a Walgreens, a Rite Aid, a Thornton's Gas & Food Mart, but nothing definite.

  • Poplar Hill Place

    We have nothing new to report on this property at Poplar Hill Road and Blankenbaker Lane. The developers are waiting for a legal issue to be resolved on another parcel of property in which Indian Hills is involved.

  • Brownsboro Best Western Inn Property

    As we mentioned in the last newsletter, an agreement with Fresh Market has been made and we understand that the preliminary plan has been presented to Metro for approval. This will require a zoning change and another public hearing. This hearing will take place on May, 15, 2008 at 1:00p.m. at the Old Jail on Liberty Street between 5th and 6th Streets.

  • Brownsboro Road entrance at Old Brownsboro Road and Brownsboro Road by the Highland Cleaners.

    We understand from Metro Councilman Ken Fleming's office that work will begin on this intersection this spring. Apparently the money has been appropriated and obviously this project will help to alleviate the many accidents that have occurred here.

By Chief Kelly W. Spratt

We usually offer crime prevention tips to protect persons and property from "strangers" or someone that happens to pick your residence to commit their crime. This tip is to protect your valuables from invited persons to your home. Several of our residents use cleaning or maintenance services in their homes. When using such services, remember to hide or secure valuable items such as jewelry, wallets, checkbooks, and important documents. Recently, the Indian Hills Police Department investigated a theft that involved a cleaning service. While the offender had the freedom to roam the house to clean, he took that opportunity to remove some of the family's jewelry. Due to the quick attention of the victim, the suspect was charged and the property was recovered. This is not always the case. It is common for the Police Department to talk to theft victims that do not have a specific time frame that the theft occurred. While we may believe a cleaning service or repair company employee is involved, it is very difficult to prove; as well as recover the stolen property.

Once again, please remember to hide and secure your valuables, preferably in a safe or concealed lock box. It is also helpful to not store all your jewelry in the same location. If a thief happens upon one "stash", he or she may believe they have found all there is to find.

As always, if you notice something or someone suspicious, or have become the victim of a crime, please call our dispatch at 893-COPS (2677).


Each year Councilman Fleming provides a valuable service for our area of the County by holding a Fight Litter campaign with the Mockingbird Valley Preservation Alliance. It will be held in the Mockingbird Valley Road Corridor on Saturday, March 29, 8:30 a.m. Residents can meet at the St. Matthews Fire House, 4400 Brownsboro Road. Coffee, doughnuts, gloves, bags and a free t-shirt will be provided. To sign up, contact Councilman Fleming at 574-1107 or