Following is the text from the Spring, 2011, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:



It is good to look forward to springtime, having had the most expensive year of snow removal in our City's history. Having said this, we did clear roads in a timely manner and had no complaints from our residents. Thanks to Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, and his crew for their great work. It is probably good to mention again the role that our Police Department plays in snow removal. Since we have a 24/7 police department patrol, they are able to call our snow removal team if they see any areas that need attention. Enough about snow!

For the last few weeks we have been in the process of re-mulching and replanting the islands, and will shortly be adding color in the form of spring flowers to the entrances and other common areas of the City. Our mowing crews have begun cutting and Gerard Ackermann, who has mowed our City for many years, keeps us always looking good. As the City Council works on the common areas to prepare for spring, we know that many of you are doing the same thing on your personal properties. Just a reminder that you need building permits from the City if you are doing any construction in or around your property. As you begin the mowing season, we ask you to be considerate of your neighbors; if you have a yard service, please be advised that the City has an ordinance that prohibits yard services to mow on Sunday.


The final numbers are in for the 2010 U.S. Census, and the City of Indian Hills has 2868 people residing in 1173 homes. This means that we have 2.44 people per household. If you see any of those .44 residents running down the street, please report to our police department. This number is down 14 people from the year 2000 census.

Once again our thanks to Councilman Joel Deming, who does so much for our City both with the census and with our garbage collector.


And, speaking of garbage collectors, at our March City Council meeting, we voted to exercise our option for the third year of our contract with Eco-Tech Sanitation. It is difficult to believe that we have already been associated with this company for two years. They have been a pleasure with whom to deal.

Attached to this newsletter (click here) is a letter from Eco-Tech as it relates to those residents who have yard waste contracts with them.


Our Councilman Lyle Spalding is currently prepared to work on our budget for fiscal year 2011-2012, which begins July 1, 2011. Our City continues to be in excellent financial condition and at our last meeting, signed a contract for our audit for the year 2010-2011. which ends June 30, 2011. Our auditors will begin their work the last week of July.

Our tax collection for the current fiscal year has been very good, with only ten households delinquent at this time. Other than these, we only have one delinquent outstanding for the previous fiscal year 2009-2010. We feel confident that all of these will be collected. Any necessary liens will be filed within the next few weeks.

Councilman Spalding has asked all of the Council members to submit to him any requests that they have for their areas of responsibility within the City for the corning fiscal year. Once these requests have been received, Councilman Spalding will then formulate the budget which he will present for approval at our June meeting.


We currently are in the process of repairing the many potholes that developed this winter. This should be completed well before Derby.

As we talk about paving, we want to mention the Moccasin entrance, where LG&E has totally repaved that area. As you know, LG&E has been doing a tremendous amount of preventative maintenance on their gas lines within our City, and this work has included the drilling of many small holes in our existing pavement, which LG&E has repaired. The subcontractor who is working on the pipe line for LG&E has been most responsive to any requests that we have, made of them.


We have a lot of work to do on lower Indian Hills Trail because of the recent flooding, which deposited a lot of debris in that area. Director Graven and his crew are working hard to restore the Trail to its former attractive appearance.


Speaking of lower Indian Hills Trail, Caperton Swamp , which is certainly properly named, is being cleaned up by Metro Parks Natural Area Division by removing trash and litter from this so-called park. They will be there from 9:00-1:00 on March 26, April 23. April 30 and May 14. The opportunity is suitable for anyone aged 14 and up who might want to volunteer to help Metro Parks with this cleanup.


We are told that probably before our next newsletter, work will begin on the Chenoweth Lane/Brownsboro Road entrance and to the Old Brownsboro entrance to our City beside Highland Cleaners. After years of planning and meetings, it looks as though these changes will be coming to fruition. Old Brownsboro at Brownsboro Road (click for map) will have only the right turn into westbound Brownsboro Road. This has been a corner of many accidents and serious injuries. If you are leaving our City on Brownsboro Road at Highland Cleaners, you will be able to turn right only on to Brownsboro Road if you are going west, and if you are driving west on Brownsboro Road, you will be able to turn right onto Old Brownsboro Road into the city. There will be no cross traffic to Chippewa Road.

On the Chenoweth Lane entrance ( click for map), there will be a change from two lanes to three lanes with turning lanes for traffic going north or south on Chenoweth Lane. As you know, they have been working on this corner for awhile and have recently erected the new bronze light standard poles that will hold the new lights that will be installed. At these intersections, the improvements should not only move traffic more efficiently, but provide more safety as well.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

As Spring arrives, so does the potential for more criminal activity. If we work together as a community, we can actually prevent most crimes from happening. Remember to lower your risk of becoming a victim by removing valuables from your vehicles, locking your doors (homes and vehicles) at all times, and immediately reporting suspicious persons or vehicles. Our department also maintains an e-mail alert system for recent crimes'. If you haven't done so already, Please enroll by visiting our website

Speeding continues to be a major concern for residents in every part of the city. Our officers have increased their radar enforcement and will continue to do so, with the hopes of everyone obeying the posted speed limits. Our radar trailer will be places at various locations throughout the city to remind motorists of their speed. If you notice our radar trailer in a particular area, please keep in mind that it is there because of speeding complaints, and our officers are also monitoring that area for violators.