Following is the text from the Spring, 2012, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


After such a mild winter, springtime is arriving early in our City indicated by the blooming of daffodils and the budding of cherry blossoms, and with the absence of a freeze, we hope to have a long and beautiful spring. The mild winter has been good to the City in many ways and the lack of much snow removal has been very beneficial to our budget. Shortly we will be in our full springtime mode, replanting, mulching and repairing potholes. If there are potholes in your area and you wish to notify the City, please call your Public Works Director Jim Graven or any member of the City Council whose names you will find on the left side of this page.


As always this time of year we remind you of our Building Ordinances. Springtime is the time we think of building, although this has been a busy winter because of the mild weather. So please do not forget to contact Public Works Director Jim Graven for your building requests.


As I am sure you have noticed, the entrances at Chenoweth Lane and Old Brownsboro Road and Chippewa (Highland Cleaners) and Old Brownsboro Road have been completed, and we are extremely pleased with the final product. Many thanks to Ken Fleming, our District 7 Metro Councilman and his able assistant, Jennifer Osborne, for their hard work and their financial investment in making this possible and bringing it to fruition.

We, as a City, have a small bit of work to do on the entrance at Old Brownsboro and Brownsboro Roads at Highland Cleaners; we will be doing some planting at the island as part of our spring upgrading.

As you know, this entrance does not permit left turns in or out or cross traffic. For some reason, people continue to want to turn left, and our Police Department and Metro Police Department have issued and will continue to issue citations.


It is hard to believe that our 3-year contract with Eco-Tech Sanitation ends on June 30, 2012. Because of the dollar amount of this contract, we are required to rebid it and are in the process of getting bids. We have been extremely pleased with the work of Eco-Tech, and will keep you posted on the outcome of the bidding process.


As mentioned earlier, we are in excellent shape financially. Councilman Lyle Spalding is keeping his thumb on the purse strings. He is preparing the fiscal year budget for 2012-2013, which begins on July 1, 2012. Shortly after the close of the fiscal year on June 30, our auditors will begin their work for the City.

Our tax collection has been normal, and the full amount of the bill was due by February 1. We sent out 1275 bills and have collected all but 18. This is about the number of delinquencies that we normally have, and in the next 30 days we will be in the process of filing our tax liens and turning the bills over to our Attorney, Foster Haunz, for collection.

For your information, we have these 18 delinquent bills for tax year 2011; we have 4 from tax year 2010 and we have one from tax year 2009. The 2009 delinquent tax bill appears also in 2010 and 2011 and 3 of the 2010 tax bills also appear in 2011. The total tax values of these bills is a little over $20,000. For a City with a budget of approximately one million dollars, we are well ahead of the game. One other thing of which you should be aware is that the delinquent bills which will be collected at some point of time provide 18% interest to the City when collected (1-1/2% a month).


For the last five years early in October, Wilson & Muir Bank of St. Matthews has provided shredding service for our residents. If you can't wait until October, Metro Council's Ken Fleming recently has informed us that there is a free shredding day on Saturday, April 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Westport Road Baptist Church, 9705 Westport Road. It will permit two boxes or bags per vehicle, and if you care to make a tax deductible donation, it can be made to the Eastern Area Community Ministries. If you have any documents to be shredded, this is your opportunity.

By Chief Kelly Spratt


There has been a significant increase of daytime residential burglaries in areas near Indian Hills in the last few months. Experience tells us that people responsible for such activity in cities as close as Windy Hills and St. Matthews will be active in our City as well. As always, make sure that your doors and windows are locked and that you use your home security system, if available. Report report any suspicious people or vehicles by immediately calling our Dispatch at 893-2677.


Since January 1st, our officers have issued over 35 traffic citations for drivers disregarding the new "Right Turn Only" signs at the intersection of Old Brownsboro Road and Brownsboro Road. We will continue to watch the intersection and enforce the new restrictions. Please use an alternate route, such as Chenoweth Lane or Moccasin Court, if you need to travel eastbound on Brownsboro Road

Our officers also monitor the city's streets for speeding drivers. While most of this monitoring is done during regular patrols, our Department will begin detailing officers to problem locations throughout Indian Hills. The officers will be directed to use these times to focus on speeding complaints. Indian Hills Trail and Travois Road continue to be reported as problem areas, so expect to see our officers enforcing the 25 MPH speed limits on both streets. If you need to report other locations, feel free to call our administrative line at 893-1375.

Also, at the March City Council meetings, there was discussion about speeding in the city and the possible need to use other methods of control, such as rumble strips or speed humps.

Please watch your speed and obey all traffic signs. The well being of our walkers, runners, bikers and children is our primary concern and responsibility.


We have previously reported that the issues involving a resident's plan to build twelve houses on the east side of Blankenbaker Lane are now before the Kentucky Court of Appeals. At a court-ordered conference about two months ago the property owner's counsel indicated that there was a possibility that the project might be scaled back in return for the neighbors withdrawing their objections to the project. The property owner is now unwilling to scale back the project so the appeal will continue. It will probably be at least a year before the Court of Appeals issues a decision.