Following is the text from the Spring, 2013, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


As we begin writing this newsletter on the 2nd day of spring, the temperature is in the 20s, and it's hard to believe what our calendar indicates. However, Jim Graven and his crews are in our City repairing potholes in the streets (and, by the way, if you see that we have missed any of them, please let us know.)

Jim is also working on the islands and the park areas with mulching and will shortly be planting our flowers as we prepare the City for the Derby and the influx of visitors to Louisville.


Each year at this time we remind you that permits are necessary for any construction being done on your premises and those requests should be forwarded to our Public Works Director Jim Graven.


If you have a contract with Eco-Tech for yard waste pickup, the season began on March 1. Eco-Tech continues to do an excellent job for our City and is very responsive to requests from residents. They have been an outstanding partner for us.


As we have mentioned before, contrary to a lot of other municipalities, our City is in great financial condition. As your Board, we take our job seriously; we operate on a budget, as does our Police Department. We have been fortunate to stay within that budget for many years without raising our tax rate.

We are in the process of preparing a budget for 2013-2014, and looking forward, we do not anticipate a tax increase. Councilman Lyle Spalding continues to do a good job of controlling our budget and keeps us on the straight and narrow. He is a wonderful asset to Indian Hills. As far as taxes are concerned, we mailed 1,275 tax bills last October. We collected all but 10 of those, totaling less than $8,500. We also have two delinquent tax bills from 2011 totaling $3,196 and two tax bills from 2010 totaling $3,565 showing a grand total of delinquencies at a little over $15,000. While we certainly do not like delinquencies, we will eventually collect these dollars, and we are earning 18% a year on these balances, which is certainly greater than we could get by investing these dollars. These tax bills are a first lien ahead of bank mortgages, and we expect to collect about $9,000 of this money in the next ten days due to refinancing.


Doll's Market and Bauer's Restaurant (Azalea)

You have probably been reading a lot lately about this property and here's what we know about it:

The old Doll's Market has been sold to Sutherland's Hardware Company, which has multiple locations in areas around Kentucky. They are currently working on the parking area and the property itself. The area west of this, where the Bauer homestead stood and where the old Bauer's (Azalea) Restaurant stands will be developed in two tracts, a 5,000 sq. ft. medical building operated by a concierge medical group and a 7,500 sq, ft, building west of that which will be an upscale restaurant called Mesh. This restaurant is owned by a gentleman named Michael Cunningham who, we are told, has restaurants in Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

We understand that the construction of both of these properties is contingent on being able to raze the old restaurant. If this does not happen, the contingency plan is a 14,000 sq. ft. box building that could house a major drug store. While we as a Council had not taken an official position on this property, either for or against, we did vote unanimously at our February 21 meeting to approve the two small buildings plan, and the razing of the old restaurant building.

Attached to this newsletter is a plot plan showing the configuration of this property. [Click here.]

Ken Fleming, our District 7 Metro representative has covered this recently in his newsletter to his constituents, which you should have received.

Board Action Taken

First, at our March 21 meeting, the Board named Robin Roberts, CPA, as our City Treasurer. Robin has worked for the City for the last several years, assisting Councilman Lyle Spalding on our finances.

Second, we named Donna Sinkhorn, who has been Acting City Clerk, as City Clerk of Indian Hills. Donna has worked many years for Foster Haunz who is the attorney for our City and she is very aware of City activities.

Third, Betty Guelich, who has been our City Clerk and historian for many years, moved out of our City several years ago, but has stayed involved in the newsletters and with the Octoberfest. She will no longer have the title of City Clerk, but will continue to provide service to the City on the newsletters, Octoberfest and other issues.

These appointments will take effect beginning with the new fiscal year on July 1, 2013.


Following these comments, you will have the opportunity to read Chief Kelly Spratt's customary COPS CORNER report. We want to reiterate that our Police continue to do a particularly great job for residents, and certainly offer outstanding services above and beyond, such as the computer notification of crimes that occur within our City and our house watch program offered when we are out of town on vacation or for a long weekend.

If your are a jogger or walker, be sure to read Chief Spratt's safety tips in his report.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

The Indian Hills PD has seen an increase in property crimes compared to the same time last year. Since January 1st, we have investigated four residential burglaries and one commercial burglary (Rite-Aid). The Rite-Aid burglary matches another burglary there in December. We believe the same offenders are responsible, and may have committed several similar burglaries throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties. The Rite-Aid burglaries primarily consist of stolen cigarettes. Three of the four residential cases involved the offender entering through unlocked doors. However, we did solve the residential burglary that involved forced entry.

Although we started the year higher, 2012 showed a significant decrease in crime, compared to 2011.

  • Burglaries dropped from 29 to 16
  • Auto Thefts dropped from 2 to 0
  • Thefts dropped from 44 to 19
  • Robberies increased from 0 to 2 (Both cases solved)

Year-to-Date Comparisons

Jan-Feb 2011 Jan-Feb 2012
0 Burglaries4 Burglaries
7 Thefts6 Thefts
0 Auto Thefts1 Auto Theft
3 Other (Vandalism, Etc.)1 Other

Crime Alert E-Mails

We currently have 661 members subscribed to our Crime Alert System; however, we still need everyone's involvement to help reduce crime in the community. If you have not already done so, please visit ourwebsite at and click on the "Crime Alert" tab to subscribe.

Safety Tip

As spring approaches, so do outside activities like walking and running. Please follow these safety tips to protect yourself while also being courteous to others on the road.

  • Wear bright-colored clothing during the daytime and light colors at night, preferably with reflective material.
  • Walk/run facing traffic at all times.
  • Walk/run single file.
  • Walk dogs on short leashes to keep them from wandering too far in the roadway and being in harm's way.

As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to call any of us listed on the left of the front page of this newsletter. [Click here for on-line reference]