Following is the text from the Spring, 2014, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Lots of cold and lots of snow. We spent a record amount this winter on salt and on snow removal and are looking forward to replacing snow and salt with spring flowers and Derby. We are currently in the process of repainting our stop bars on the streets and repairing potholes. If we missed any, please let any of the Council members know. We are also considering some additional paving this year. We did some last year and more is planned for the next fiscal year


As always in this first newsletter of the new year, we remind you that any building or additions require permits from the City. In addition if you have yard waste pickup contracts with Eco-Tech, the season began March 1.


In spite of cost of this past winter, we are in good financial shape. We have collected the majority of our taxes and we have less than $10,000 in delinquent taxes. Our Police Department continues to operate within its budget. We are now in the process of preparing our budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 which starts July 1, 2014, and at this point do not anticipate a tax increase. Our Councilman Lyle Spalding and Treasurer Robin Roberts continue to keep us in line financially.


As I am sure you are aware, we moved the shredding from our customary October date to Saturday March 8, and our Councilman Chip Hancock, as an officer of Republic Bank, arranged for this event to be held at the Republic Bank on Lexington Road. We are grateful both to Chip and to his bank for providing this complimentary service to our residents.

This year is the first time we were able not only to shred paper products, but also to accept small electrical appliances and computer equipment which was another valuable service to our residents. In fact, for the first time we ran out of truck capacity because we received so many items. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we will have to make adjustments for next year. We surmise that there were just too many old love letters to be shredded.


Our police continue to do a great job, and our Crime Alert is extremely popular with our residents. If you are not on the Indian Hills Crime Alert, please sign up at Not only is it helpful for you to know what is going on in a timely manner, but it has been very helpful for the police to receive information from residents.

By Chief Kelly W. Spratt

For several years, the Indian Hills Police Department has utilized the services of LeadsOnLine, which maintains pawn records for pawn shops across the nation (pawn shops in Jefferson County are required to participate by ordinance). We have been very successful in identifying burglars and thieves, as well as recovering victims' property, by having immediate access to these records. LeadsOnLine has created a free service available to the public which lets the user maintain an online database of personal property, including an uploaded photo of each item. This list can be quickly accessed by the user and provided to law enforcement and insurance companies in the event of theft or loss. I encourage everyone to visit the following website for this useful resource.


Attached to this newsletter you will find the 2-page piece called "Good to Know"; it is basic information about our City. This was designed by Councilman Steve Gruebbel, our computer guru, with help from Councilwoman Abby Jackson for distribution to new residents as they move into Indian Hills. We thought it would be something good to include in this newsletter for all residents. A number of Council people, our Police Department and our Public Works Department have worked on this with Steve. We hope you will find this a useful addition to your refrigerator door, and if you have any suggestions about it, please let us know.

[For our "Good To Know" sheet on-line, click here.]