Following is the text from the Spring, 2017, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

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Thanks to Councilman Chip Hancock, an Officer of Republic Bank, for their sponsorship of our annual recycling event, which was held on Saturday, March 25, 2017.


Attached to our Spring 2014 newsletter was our first 2-page piece called "Good to Know”, providing basic instruction regards using City services. Councilman Steve Gruebbel, one of its original authors, has updated it and it is again attached here. We hope you will find this a useful addition to your refrigerator door, and encourage you to share it with any new neighbors when they move in. If you have any suggestions regards this piece, please let us know. Also note that this piece is available for download on our website.

Click here to access the City of Indian Hills' Good To Know summary sheet.


As reported in the Fall, 2016, newsletter, there were two new candidates on the ballot, Laura Dunbar, and James Geisel. These candidates, as well as the seven incumbents who agreed to run again, were elected and have been duly sworn in as Council Members.

As detailed in the cover letter on this newsletter, Tom Eifler has tendered his resignation as mayor, ending his long official service to the community on a definite uptick. We will certainly miss his leadership and guidance, and he has our sincere thanks for a job well done.

As his letter mentioned, in keeping with Kentucky statutes, the City Council appointed council member Chip Hancock as mayor to serve the remainder of Tom’s term. Six of the nine council members have served with Chip for some years and we are confident he’ll do a great job.

In the interest of continuity and in accordance with state statutes, the Council also appointed Tom to fill the council seat vacated by Chip’s appointment to mayor. Tom has agreed to serve in that capacity for the next several months in order to give the Council some transition time to adjust to our new makeup and identify a suitable candidate to serve out the remainder of Chip’s council member term.

Again, per state statutes, these changes will become effective at our next regularly scheduled meeting on May 18th.


Through April 15th there were 8 parcels out of 1,274 whose 2016 property taxes remain unpaid. The total for these unpaid taxes and incurred penalties and interest stands at $6,713.

The vast majority of property owners in Indian Hills are to be commended for their good citizenship in paying their taxes on a timely basis. This allows the City to provide the services we all appreciate without its having to expend unnecessary effort on collections.


Attached are summary excerpts of our past two years’ fiscal audits. Any citizen may obtain a copy of the complete audit report, including financial statements and supplemental information, for his or her personal use. Citizens requesting a personal copy of the city audit report will be charged for duplication costs at a rate that shall not exceed twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page. Copies of the financial statement prepared in accordance with KRS 424.220 are available to the public at no cost from the business office of the City Treasurer, Robin E. Roberts.

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We were recently informed that the developer has applied to Metro for a change in their previously approved plan. The approved plan called for leaving two existing homes in the development. Their new proposal calls for demolishing one of those homes in order to lower the higher grade in an area of the development by 15 feet. If approved by Metro the City of Indian Hills will have no recourse but to concur in this change. However such change in plan will require their submitting revised plans to the City and obtaining a new permit.


We want to remind all residents that Yard Waste Collection is an individually subscribed service, and that subscriptions run coincident with our fiscal year, June through May. There is no yard waste pickup in January and February. The annual fee for this service in the 2017-2018 period is $54.49. As City contracts must be on a fiscal year basis, pro-rated billing for partial year's service is not available.

Included in the service is use of a green 95 gallon bin with wheels, provided by Eco-Tech. They will service this can and up to ten (10) paper yard waste bags per week. You may substitute 32 gallon trash cans for the bags if they are CLEARLY MARKED as yard waste. Twigs that do not fit into the green can may be cut and bundled, not exceed 50 pounds or 4 feet in length. Sticks greater than 3 inches in diameter and large quantities of dirt and rock are not acceptable.

We encourage residents who don’t do their own composting to subscribe to the Yard Waste Collection service. It’s very affordable as compared to other options for having yard waste hauled away, and most everyone has yard waste of some kind to dispose of. Per our contract with Eco-Tech, the materials picked up as yard waste must be composted, so its use relieves the burden on landfills and is eco-friendly. Residents who do not subscribe to the service should not expect their yard waste to be picked up.

To subscribe to the service, call Eco-Tech at 935-1130.


Per City Ordinance 8.24, commercial mowing services are not to operate before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm, or during any hour on Sunday. If you make use of such service, please advise them of this limitation. If you observe a violation, you may simply advise the operator or, if you prefer, call the Indian Hills Police Department and they will do so.

While these time restrictions do not apply to residents, we encourage residents to observe these “quiet hours” insofar as their schedules will allow.


In the January, 2016, meeting the Council approved a resolution authorizing an Interlocal Agreement that provides for Metro Louisville government to manage the bidding process for all cities in Jefferson County. Since that time we’ve seen reports that Google is reconsidering its strategy but that Louisville is still on its list of cities for fiber rollout. However, we’ve yet to see anything specific regards plans for Louisville deployment.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

Crime Data Over Last Two Years

Below is a breakdown of the crimes that were investigated by the Indian Hills Police Department over 2015 and 2016. We did experience a 25 percent drop in burglaries and a 16 percent increase in thefts, which can include everything from shoplifting to thefts from vehicles and fraud. The auto theft cases remained high and are higher than any multi-year trends in the last 25 years.

Burglaries 1216
Auto Thefts55

Please keep in mind that several of the burglaries could have been prevented by keeping your doors locked and arming existing burglar alarm systems … and ALL of the auto thefts could have been prevented by simply not leaving a spare key inside the unlocked vehicles.

Crime Alert List and Twitter

Please visit the department’s website at and click on the “Crime Alert” tab to subscribe to our e-mail list. This subscription will allow you to receive alerts on recent criminal activity in the area. This tool has allowed residents to assist us in identifying and apprehending criminal offenders based on suspect descriptions sent via the alerts. You may also receive similar alerts and information by following us on Twitter at @ihpdky.


The City Council's regularly scheduled meetings are at 6:00 PM on the third Thursday of every month at the Louisville Boat Club, 4200 River Road. Dates for 2017 are:

January 19
February 16
March 16
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 21

Note that this schedule is also posted on our website.

Echo-Tech REMAINING 2017 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE (changed days in bold)

Memorial Day. Monday, May 29. Service for this week will be on Thursday, June 1st.

Independence Day, Tuesday, July 4. Service for this week will be on Thursday, July 6th.

Labor Day, Monday, September 4. Service for this week will be on Thursday, September 7th.

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23. Service for this week will be on Wednesday, November 222nd.

Christmas Day, Monday, December 25. Service for this week will be on Thursday, December 28th.

New Year's Day, Monday, January 1, 2018. Service for this week will be on Thursday, January 4th.

Note that this schedule is also posted on our website.