Following is the text from the Summer, 2005, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Your City Council has been busy over the last few months sprucing up the city - filling pot holes and planting shrubs, trees and flowers. Also in this process we have restriped numerous roads for safety reasons, especially the stop bars and some striping along the edges of the roads.

We have also spend a great deal of time the last few weeks watering all of the plantings due to the extreme heat and lack of rain. Our City appears to be in great shape, and we extend thanks to all of the residents who have cleaned and spruced up their properties.


At our last City Council meeting we approved the budget for the current fiscal year, July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. This budget Ordinance 05-01 was published in the Courier Journal Neighborhoods Section on Wednesday, June 22 and a copy is attached (click here) to this newsletter. The budget is a balanced one and we do not anticipate any funds being removed from our reserve accounts to use for operating expenses.

In addition we also passed and published Ordinance 05-02 covering the tax rate for the City, which remains at 20 cents per $100 with a discount of 12-1/2% if paid on or before December 31, 2005. A copy of this ordinance is attached (click here) to this newsletter.

The tax bills for the 05-06 fiscal year are usually mailed in the middle of October. We will remind you of this mailing in the fall newsletter, possibly including the exact mailing date.

Once again our thanks to Councilman Lyle Spalding for his great work on our finances!!


Also at our last Council Board meeting we set a date for our annual City of Indian Hills Octoberfest and that date is October 9, rain or shine. Please put this date on your calendar - a fun time for everyone and a great opportunity to meet both new and old neighbors. More information will be published in your fall newsletter.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

As the summer continues, and everyone spends more time outside, we would like to remind everyone of some basic security tips. First, remember to keep valuables out of your cars parked overnight. Second, remember to secure your home while working in the yard. Though it's been a few years since widespread "gypsy" burglaries in Indian Hills, these tactics remain successful.

We would also like to remind all residents of the Department's KidPrint Child Identification Program. To have your children's ID card made or updated, please call our office at 893-1375. For gun owners, the Department has partnered with the US Department of Justice's "PROJECT CHILDSAFE" in offering free gunlocks to anyone interested. These gunlocks are distributed by the Department, and are on-hand. Please call our office at 893-1375 to request your free gunlock


  • We mentioned in our previous newsletter about the property at the Brownsboro Inn at Rudy Lane and US42. As you may remember, there is a proposal in the works to raze the Inn and to build a grocery, a bank and a drug store on that property. As of this time, we have no more information about this construction, but will keep you informed when the developer plans to hold local meetings so that we can all voice our opinions on this matter.
  • A reminder that yard waste and recyclables are picked up every Tuesday, as is our garbage. Please remember to set out the yard waste and recyclables on either Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Randomly placing these items on the street several days before pickup creates an eyesore for your City and for your neighbors.

    As always, garbage is still collected from the rear of the houses.

  • Graffiti Watch - We are starting to have some problems with graffiti in and around our City, especially on the US42 corridor. If you see this happening, please immediately call our police (893-COPS) to report the problem. Recently a resident of Windy Hills observed the "artist" taking a picture of his work and was able to get a license number from his car. This type of "neighborhood watch" is very helpful to our police.

Have a great summer. Keep cool.