Following is the text from the Summer, 2006, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

June is busting out all over! This is a short and beautiful season of the year. We have had a wonderful spring and have been very busy with the beautification of our city over the last few months. The weather has cooperated and we have had ample rain to water the new plantings. We are still working; we have numerous potholes to be filled and this work will happen throughout the month June. We think we are a city in great shape both aesthetically and financially - more on the financial issue in our budget discussion in this newsletter.


July 4

Our ever-popular, ever-growing 4th of July Parade is taking place on July 4 beginning at 10:30 a.m. on the corner of Tuckaho and Merrick Roads and ending on Ardsley Road. Please note that this is a rain-or-shine event, a city wide Indian Hills walk for everyone. You are encouraged to decorate yourselves, your children, their bicycles, red wagons, baby strollers, etc. Joining us in the parade will be the Drum and Fife group of the Sons of the American Revolution, along with their own Color Guard. Also, there will be a hook and ladder truck from the St. Matthews Fire District, our own City of Indian Hills police vehicles and whoever else happens by. At parade's end, we will have plenty of bottled water. The Rascals of Ragtime, a Dixieland band, will entertain us with patriotic tunes and the SAR will fire their muskets (using blank ammunition). Festivities are usually over by 11:45 a.m.

Many thanks to Councilman Joel Deming and to residents Abby Jackson and Kelly Seiler for their hard work on this festivity.

October 8

This Sunday has been designated by your City Council for our annual Octoberfest, which is held at Sagamore Park in early afternoon. Each year this event is growing in participation; last year we hosted over 400 residents. We work very hard to provide good food and lots of entertainment; Jim Graven spends much time and effort in making this such a popular event in our City.

There will be more details about the Octoberfest in our fall newsletter, including the opportunity to make reservations to make certain we are fully prepared for all of our guests.


A few things we would like to bring to your attention:

1. The buzzards are gone! Your City took great interest in this bird problem, and we are told that because of our actions, we were able to move the roosting of these nuisance birds out of our City. As you know, we found after our consultation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture that these birds were nor only a nuisance, but also a health hazard. We realize that the necessary use of pyrotechnics to move those birds out of our City was a problem for some neighbors and especially to some household animals and for that we are sorry. We do hope that these birds are gone for good!

2. "House Work" - We have bad several complaints lately concerning residents doing Construction projects on Sundays and using loud power tools, which annoys neighbors. While the City has no ordinance that deals with residents working in their own homes, there certainly is an ordinance for outside contractors permitting work Monday through Friday and Saturday until 3:30 p.m. p.m., but no work on Sunday. Please be cognizant of your neighbors when doing construction work.

We have noticed an increase of lawn services on Sunday, and would like to have that work done in the business hours of the week and not on Sundays.

Along this same line, our garbage collection, yard waste and recycling is on Tuesday. We ask that you not put the recyclables and yard waste out at the curb until late Monday or on Tuesday morning. In sone cases, yard waste in particular is being put at the curb much earlier, which is aesthetically unsightly. Trash pickup is still from the rear of the homes. We ask that trash containers be kept out of sight until the appropriate time.


  • Our Metro Government has a countywide ordinance that requires house numbers to be visibly displayed on each residence. Some of the houses in our City do not comply with this ordinance. This is a reminder that not only do our numbers need to be visible for anyone who might be visiting our City, but for emergency vehicles answering a call.
  • The numbering system in Indian Hills, especially in the Country Club section, is very confusing, because properties in that area are numbered by lot number, and this often makes no sense at all to an unfamiliar visitor. There has been something of an undercurrent in recent years to force us to renumber our City. But this has not become a priority at this time.

  • The St. Matthews Fire District has approved a 190 ft. cell tower to be erected at its firehouse at Hubbards Lane and Brownsboro Road. This issue, we are told, will go before Metro Planning & Zoning in the near future and then there will be a public hearing. These towers have popped up on the horizon all over the country, and apparently are a necessity because of the increased traffic in cell phones, and will also provide much needed communication ability for the Fire Department. This tower has been approved by the FAA and there should he a public hearing for our comments in late June.
  • Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Road - We still have no news of the project at the Brownsboro Inn or the corner or Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Rd., where the two houses were demolished. If we hear any additional information, we will certainly let you know.


In our last newsletter we congratulated Councilman Ric Cusick on his appointment as Director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics in Washington D.C. Ric has now been approved for this post and at our last Council meeting we accepted his resignation from Indian Hills Council Board.

Fortunately, we were able to interest Frank Doheny, a long-time resident of lndian Hills to complete Ric's term of office. Frank has had a great interest in the City over the years, and he will continue Ric Cusick's liaison between the City Council and our Police Department. Frank is an attorney and partner in the law firm of Dinsmore & Shohl. He and his wife Mary Beth live on Westwind Road. His current term expires, as all of our terms do, at the end of this calendar year.

by Col. Kelly W. Spratt, Chief of Police

Recently the eastern portion of Jefferson County has been experiencing several residential burglaries and thefts from vehicles. Indian Hills has had sporadic events, but not to the extent of our surrounding areas. On the morning of May 17th, a stolen car was abandoned on Polar Hill Road. After the suspect(s) abandoned the car, they entered the City of Riverwood and broke into several cars and stole a truck as well. The person primarily suspected of these crimes has an extensive history of car break-ins, including some in our City.

Remove valuables from your cars parked overnight
Keep your home and car doors locked
Call the Police immediately if you notice suspicious activity


At Our June Council meeting we had the second reading for the budget of July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007. For the first time, our budget will be over a million dollars, totaling $1,027,600. Once again, we extend our special thanks to Councilman Lyle Spalding, who works extremely hard on behalf of the City's finances, not only on this budget but also on the monthly financial reports.

This year is financially very difficult for the City of Indian hills. We have a very nice ôrainy day" fund which we all feel is extremely important for a city of our size and we try to operate within our revenue stream without taking money out of these precious reserves. As you probably know, by law we cannot increase property taxes more than 4% per year, and this year we have been able to once again hold our tax rate at 20% per $100 of assessed value with a 12-1/2% discount if paid by December 31.

But here is our dilemma: We have two expense items which account for 80% of our total budget. The first is our police protection, which is 50% of our budget, and the second is our waste removal, which is 30% of our budget. This year our 3-year waste removal Contract with Rumpke will expire on July 30th and we rebid the contract. There are three major trash haulers in the community. We asked all three to bid for our contract, and we received one bid, and that was Rumpke. Their bid was up 18.7% from the last contract. This is somewhat understandable, clue to increase in fuel and labor costs over the past few years. We have compared our bid with those of other cities of our size, and found the numbers to be in line. The first item on the budget, which represents 50% of our budget, is police protection, and that was up 4.6%. This is a reasonable increase in light or the fact that they also use a great deal of fuel, and the salary increase is very much in line. Chief Kelly Spratt and Lt. Mike Clark have done a great job of controlling the expenses of this most vital department To give you an idea ol the importance of these two items the next largest item is parks/landscaping, which represents 8% of our budget, and the other items of utilities, resident program, professional fees, insurance, administrative and office supplies fall substantially lower from there.

Here again is our dilemma: With' the limit on increase in taxes of4% and the 80% of our budget representing two large increases of 18.7% and 4.6%, we will soon have to get into our reserve accounts which we feel is a dangerous precedent to begin.

We feel that the 24 hour / 7 days a week protection is important to all of us in the City, and are not willing to cut any police services at this tune.

As you know, three years ago we took waste removal to once a week from twice a week and that has actually worked out very well in preventing additional waste costs. Two additional areas that we have considered cutting from our contract are recycling and yard waste removal for each house in our City. Rumpke charges us for these removals for each house in our City, and at the best we can determine, since recycling is not mandatory in Louisville. perhaps as few as 50% of our residents use this service. Even fewer use yard waste removal. Yet we are charged as if all residents use both of these services. If recycling were cut from our contract with Rumpke, it would save us probably around $36,000 a year, and those residents who want to recycle could do so on a subscription basis with Rurnpke or take their recycles to the Recycling Center at Hubbards Lane and Brownsboro Road. As for yard waste, Rumpke offers inidividual yard waste contracts with residents who want this service for $65 per year. They will also provide (at no additional cost) a wheeled container for yard waste. This would save the City $49,000; therefore, Indian Hills has decided to eliminate the yard waste provision from our new contract. Those who want this service can call Rumpke for a subscription account and for the yard waste container. A subscription agreement is attached to this newsletter.

Another area in the contract which would save us dollars would be front-of-house pickup of trash rather than rear pickup. In fact, one of the companies that refused to bid our contract refused it because they do not do back-door pickup. At this time we are not changing the rear door service or the recycling.

These are items we wanted to bring to your attention so that you know some of the budget areas that have been considered by your Board. Copy of the budget is attached. Please feel free to call or write us if you have questions or comments.

While we are talking about the budget, we want to remind you about the importance of the Municipal Premium Tax for insurance. This is our City's second largest income item, next to property taxes, and it is the responsibility of residents to inform each of your insurance companies that you live in the City of Indian Hills and that the premium tax should be sent to us as follows:

Remit Municipal Premium Tax To:
City of Indian Hills, P. 0. Box 6289, Louisville, KY 40206-0289

Click here for additional information on the premium tax and access to a label template in Microsoft Word.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Indian Hills on the Metro Council. Since taking office in 2003, I have continued to work to provide quality services while not increasing your taxes. The Council is currently reviewing the 2007 Fiscal Year budget, and we anticipate no increase in taxes again this year. The new budget allocates approximately half to Police and Public Protection while the largest amounts of the remaining dollars going towards Public Works, Neighborhoods, Parks and Cultural Affairs. Also included in this budget is a 5-year city Capital Improvement Plan that will have a positive impact for Louisville residents.

In addition to working to provide better services for the district, have also been working to reinvest dollars back into the district by establishing partnerships with suburban cities. I have always supported this funding and have partnered with several suburban cities on capital improvement projects. Over the last several months the Metro Council and the Jefferson County League ofCitics have worked together on an ordinance to enable the Metro Government to help with funding for suburban city itnprovenlents such as sidewalks and parks. lam a sponsor ofthis ordinance so that all citizens ofMetro Louisville, including the'] suburban oities located in District 7, can expect to sec more projects that will improve their quality oflife and realize the benefits oftheir tax doliars.

Attachment 1 (2006 - 2007 Budget Ordinance) Click here for the ordinance.

Attachment 2 (Yard Waste Attachment) follows:


Under the new sanitation contract with Rumpke of Kentucky, yard waste collection will be provided on a subscription basis only. You will be invoiced directly by Rumpke, as yard waste collection will no longer be provided as part of the City's sanitation services. Rumpke is the only authorized residential sanitation company to operate in the City and will continue to provide trash collection and recycling each Tuesday to all homes within the City. This does not prevent you from having a landscaping service or yard service company. Rumpke provides for disposal only.

This change will be effective August 1, 2006. Current service will remain unchanged through July 31st. Yard waste will be collected each Tuesday, March through November. Rumpke will provide each subscription customer with a green, 95-gallon waste wheeler (trash can on wheels). Green cans are for yard waste only. The maximum weight in the green can is 75 pounds. Rumpke will service the green can and up to five (5) yard waste bags (paper or plastic) per week. You may substitute standard 32-gallon trash cans for the bags if they are marked as yard waste. Acceptable yard waste items are grass clippings, leaves, brush, and other lawn vegetative matter. Large amounts of dirt or rock are not acceptable. Twigs that do not fit into the green can may be cut and bundled, not to exceed fifty (50) pounds. Cut twigs should be no longer than four (4) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter. Branches and tree stumps are not acceptable.

To sign up for service use the form below or call Rumpke in Louisville at 568-3800. Major credit cards are accepted. Identify yourself as a resident of the City of Indian Hills. The fee for the first season is $65.00. This will cover the following months: August through November of 2006 and March through June of 2007.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NAME ________________________________ PHONE ___________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________

Louisville, KY 40207 (City of Indian Hills Yard Waste)

Enclose your check for $65.00 with this form. Your green Rumpke waste wheeler will be delivered within two weeks.