Following is the text from the Summer, 2012, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


Our annual Independence Day parade will take place this year on Wednesday July 4, beginning at 10:30 in the morning at the corner of Tuckaho and Merrick. Line up begins at 10:15. If you have not been to this event, it is fun for adults and children alike and is a walking parade with water and cookies served at the end. We will once again be entertained by the Sons of the American Revolution's Drum & Fife Group and Color Guard. The Rascals of Ragtime will play patriotic tunes as we end. (See flyer below)

To see pictures of previous parades you can look on the website and visit what is called "Photo Gallery."

Our special thanks always to Abby Jackson, who spearheads this event along with Kelly Seiler, Kristi Levenhagan, Libby Benyman and Bradley Strange; these individuals do a wonderful job of preparing for this festivity and Joel Deming, City Councilman who lives on Merrick Road does a great job of taking credit for the work done on this event.


At our May City Board meeting we had the second reading of the 2012-2013 budget for the City of Indian Hills. This budget begins on July 1, 2012 and ends on June 30, 2013. We are most pleased to report that we once again have a balanced budget, that we were able to operate last fiscal year within our budget, ending June 30, 2012, and we have not had to raise our tax rate in the last twelve or more years. This budget should be published in the Neighborhoods Section of the Courier-Journal on Wednesday, June 20 . A copy of the budget will be posted on our website.

In this past fiscal year with the very mild winter and lack of snow, we have not had to spend many dollars for snow removal and this fact should keep us from having to do a lot of spring road work. We are in the process of filling any potholes, and if we have missed any, would appreciate your call.


You may know that every three years we rebid our garbage contract. This past month we rebid the contract, and once again the successful bidder was Eco-Tech LLC. We are very pleased to have them remain as our garbage contractor at a dollar savings over their past contract.

Just a reminder; Please keep garbage, yard waste or recycling containers out of sight until the night before or the day of collection. And once these containers are emptied, please put them back out of sight. In past years we have had complaints of neighbors doing yard work on the weekend and setting the yard waste at the street and leaving it there until it is collected on Wednesday. This is certainly not acceptable in our City and becomes an eyesore for Indian Hills and for neighbors. Another note about Eco-Tech is that as a company Eco-Tech is in the process of planting 10,000 trees in the next ten years as part of their celebration of being in business for 25 years. We as a City have been a benefactor of this practice. The first two trees planted have been at our island at Indian Hills Trail and Old Brownsboro Road.

We are most appreciative of the gift of these trees. This idea of planting trees came as a result of the recent tornado damage in southern Indiana.


Marie Bukowski, our long-time City Councilperson, has sold her house and is moving out of our City. Therefore she has resigned her post as Councilperson. Marie has been very valuable to our City Council, serving since the merger of our four cities in 1999, We will miss her greatly and wish her only the best.

At our June 21 Council meeting we will officially accept her resignation and hopefully appoint someone to serve out the remainder of her term which will end this calendar year.


On Saturday, June 23, the St. Matthews Fire District will elect one resident at large to fill a vacant spot on their 7-member board. Your Mayor was on this board for thirteen years and chaired it for seven, and asks that you exercise your right to vote in this election.

A bit of history about the St. Matthews Fire District is that the Station 2 located at Hubbards Lane and Brownsboro was until about twelve years ago an unmanned volunteer station. Cities in this area, including Indian Hills, asked the Fire Department to man this station 24/7. We should remember that Station 1 is on the other side of the railroad tracks which carry about 40 freight trains daily. We feel it is important to have fire coverage on both sides of the railroad tracks on a permanent basis.

Fire Boards are made up of seven members, of which three are appointed by the Metro Mayor, two are appointed by the firefighters, and two are elected by the Fire District at large. It is this last category that gives us the opportunity to vote on June 23. There are two people running for this position. Your Mayor thinks that the best candidate for our City is Chris Mooser, an attorney and entrepreneur, who will bring much to this board. He also realizes the value of the Hubbards Lane/Brownsboro Road station.

Please take a few minutes and vote this Saturday June 23.from 11:00-2:00 at St. Matthews Fire Station #1 on Sears Avenue.


Following you will find Chief Kelly Spratt's message from the City Police Department where he discusses fireworks and a crime alert.

The largest single item in our budget is police protection, and we are so fortunate to have a well-trained and well-run police department in our City and a low crime rate. Please take advantage of our House Watch Program when you are going to be gone for a period of time. Use your alarm systems when you are at home or away from home. Please sign up for your IHPD Crime Alert on the internet so that you may be made aware promptly of what is happening in our City.

By Chief Kelly Spratt


As Independence Day quickly approaches, we would like to remind our residents that the use of fireworks at inappropriate times, as well as unsafe locations, may be considered disorderly conduct and/or wanton endangerment. Our officers will respond to complaints and use the appropriate enforcement, which may include confiscation of the fireworks and criminal charges, if warranted. We want everyone to enjoy the holiday while also being mindful of the comfort and safety of our residents.


Several years ago, the Indian Hills Police Department created an e-rnail alert system to inform subscribers of recent criminal activity. This system continues to grow and in doing so, has become successful in solving crimes and apprehending the offenders. If you have not subscribed, please do so by visiting our website and clicking on the "Crime Alert" tab. The only required information is a valid e-mail address. Fighting crime must be a partnership between the police and the public, and subscribing to this system keeps you informed of recent activity and suspect information. Efficient information sharing in our partnership has proven to be successful, so I am confident that building our team will deliver more positive results.


At a recent City meeting concerning speeding issues, it was decided to try traffic humps on Travois Road. This may reduce the amount of speeding down Travois Road to Apache Road and then on to Blankenbaker Lane in order to avoid the traffic signal at Blankenbaker and US 42. These humps are on a trial basis. As your City Council we do not particularly want proliferation of speed humps in the City. We are told that there are about thirty young children in this particular block of Travois, and we will try these means for keeping them out of harm's way. And while these humps are only put in for only a couple of weeks, the feedback from residents is that they can tell the difference.


We are constantly looking at our City with a jaundiced eye to make sure it is he best that it can be, and that takes a lot of hard work. We think it looks great and there are a number of people who work very hard to make this happen. One is our Public Works Director Jim Graven, who does an outstanding job of making Indian Hills a special place; and Gerard Ackermann who does the mowing and maintenance of our common areas. Gerard has been with us as long as we can remember, and takes pride in keeping the City's common areas in tip-top shape. A special thanks to both of them.