Following is the text from the Summer, 2013, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:


You can see from the cover of this newsletter (below) that America is having another birthday. Please join us for this festivity in our City and enjoy The Sons of the American Revolution Fife & Drum Corps and the Rascals of Ragtyme.

Our thanks to Board Member Abby Jackson for her work on this event and to the Strange Family, the Berryman Family and the Levenhagen Family for their interest and work on this project.

See you on the 4th, rain or shine!


  • Budget

    We have had the first reading of the City Budget and the second reading will happen at the June Council meeting; once approved, it will be posted on the City website address as shown on the left side of this page.

  • Recycling

    All of the information below is the result of the efforts of our Councilman Joel Deming, who heads the Sanitation Committee and his counterpart at our vender, Eco-Tech.

    The Council has received several inquiries from residents about the acquisition and use of recycle bins on wheels and/or larger bins. It is suggested to go to Lowe's, Home Depot or any other local hardware store that sells them (preferably either in black or dark green). They also may be purchased on line through the internet.

    Eco-Tech will pick up any size of recycling bins just as long as the bin is marked "Recycling" and is at the street for pick up. If requested, Eco-Tech will furnish Recycling stickers to place on the bins. (Call 502-935-1130.


Jim Graven, our Public Works Director, reports lots of activity, changes and remodeling of homes in our City and reminds us of the need for permits on any of these projects on your properties; including fences, trees and swimming pools.

Following is the Cops Corner in which Chief Kelly Spratt talks about the death of the Bardstown police officer, and we are very pleased that three of our police officers took the time to attend the funeral.

By Chief Kelly W. Spratt

I would like to take this opportunity to address the recent line-of-duty death of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis. Officer Ellis was ambushed while removing debris from a highway ramp in Nelson County on May 25th. While it appears that Office Ellis was targeted, he was killed during a "routine" activity that law enforcement officers perform every day, regardless of the size or location of their department. Three members of the Indian Hills Police Department attended the funeral services for Officer Ellis on May 30th. While I continue to be amazed at the number of police officers in attendance at any line-of-duty funeral, I was more impressed at the community support shown by the citizens of Nelson County. I believe that support was there because of the "community-oriented policing" performed by the Bardstown Police and all small agencies across the country. While the term is commonly used to describe a new program or initiative, it is actually the same practice that small departments have used since their inception - offering assistance of all types to the community, not just law enforcement related, and knowing the community that they serve.

I have often said that crime prevention in this community is a partnership between the citizens and the police department. Please help strengthen this partnership by participating in the services we offer, such as the house watch program, crime alert e-mails, and resident emergency contact programs. If you haven't already done so, please visit our website at for information on all of our services.

This is an extremely short newsletter. We will have more to report in the fall when we will have more information to pass along to you.

In the meantime, if you have questions, comments or suggestion, please do not hesitate to call any of us listed on the front page, and if you send us a note, please identify yourself so that we may respond to you.