City of Indian Hills Waste Management
Abbreviated Information

GARBAGE is picked up in the
is picked up at CURBSIDE

GARBAGE - Up to 3 cans of garbage will be picked up in the rear of your home. Any amount over 3 cans must be taken to the street for pickup. Eco-Tech will collect one large item in addition to the regular household trash. Examples include unwanted furniture, appliances (except for refrigerators), etc. These types of “junk” should be taken to the street the night before pickup (preferably after dark). If you have old carpeting or padding, make sure to tie in bundles of not longer than 4 feet and place curbside.

RECYCLING - Bins are to be placed curbside. Be sure to use the lids provided to keep paper from scattering. Following is Eco-Tech's basic list of recycleable items: Plastic bottles #1-7, Glass bottles and jars, Steel food cans, Aluminum cans, Newspaper, Cardboard (broken down into 3' x 3' or less bundles) - no greasy pizza boxes, Paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes), Office paper, Printer's scrap, Magazines, Phone books. Please separate paper products from the rest of the materials using paper bags.

Remember to rinse all food residue from recycling items. Eco-Tech cannot recycle items that have food particles or are soiled by food residue. Labels need not be removed from bottles, jars, or cans.

HOLIDAYS - Eco-Tech observes six holidays a year for residential customers; New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If our collection day falls on or after an observed holiday during that business week, i.e., Monday through Wednesday, that week's collection day will be postponed by one day to Thursday. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it does not affect the collection schedule unless the holiday is observed on Monday. Check the website for details on a specific holiday.

PROBLEMS - Call ECO-TECH at 935-1130.

Residents are reminded to be considerate of their neighbors and mindful of the city's appearance by not putting out garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers until Tuesday night ... and retrieving them by day's end on Wednesday.

Reference: Consult the Indian Hills web site ( for additional details.