Following is the text from the Winter, 2002, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

It's hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us. All of us on the Council Board wish each of you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.


Our October 6th Octoberfest was once again a great success. Those who attended found that there was plenty of food and beverages obtained from Doll's Market. We hope those who did not attend will consider doing so in 2003, because this is a great opportunity to meet and visit with your neighbors.

Balloons donated by Simply Flowers (located in Doll's Market) added Color to the festivities. Many people within your City helped to make this event special.

First of all, our City Clerk, Betty Guelich, handled most of the arrangements, our Police Department operated the Kids ID booth, and your Mayor and Council members worked in various capacities. Special thanks goes to Councilman Jim Graven, who arranged for the setting up of Sagamore Park and for the vintage firetrucks that were available for children of all ages to ride and enjoy. His wife, Jane Graven, and our Mayor's wife Diana Eifler, also provided their helpful efforts to the City. We give our thanks to the St. Matthews and Harrods Creek Fire Districts for their participation.


Councilwoman Marie Bukowski: As we were writing this newsletter, we received the sad news about the passing of Henry Bukowski, husband of Councilwoman Marie Bukowski. She has been a hard-working member of our City Council since the merger of our four cities several years ago. She resides in the Winding Falls section of our City, and all of us on the Board extend our deepest sympathy to her, her daughter and her two sons.

Councilman Frank Pontrich: At our November Board meeting we received the resignation of Councilman Frank Pontrich. He has resigned due to the fact that he has moved from the City of Indian Hills and, therefore, can no longer serve. Although Frank has been a Board member only for a relatively short period of time, he certainly has done much for our City and will be sorely missed. As you may remember, Frank is responsible for the establishment of our website (www. In addition, he was active on the Building & Zoning Committee of Indian Hills along with Councilman Jim Aubrey and Councilman Bruce Madison.


The elections have come and gone. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, your Mayor and City Council ran unopposed. We feel that this is a hard-working Board that serves many hours for the benefit of the City with no remuneration.

Two other races that directly affect our City because of the merger of Louisville and Jefferson County are the Metro Council seats. As you probably remember, our City is divided into two of the twenty-six districts. West of Blankenbaker Lane we are in District 7, which is now served by Ken Fleming. Ken has been very interested in small cities, lives in the City of Riverwood, and has visited our Council meeting.

East of Blankenbaker Lane is District 16, in which our representative is "one of our own," Kelly Downard. Kelly lives in the Robinswood section of Indian Hills, has attended a number of our meetings, and has been a public servant in Jefferson County even before his election to this district post.

We look forward to working with both of these representatives, who understand the plights of small cities.


The 2003 property tax bills for the City of Indian Hills were mailed in mid-October. They are due without penalty by January 1, 2003. As a reminder, these bills are mailed to each resident, who has the responsibility of making sure that the bill is forwarded to whomever is responsible for paying this tax bill ... a bank, mortgage company, insurance company, etc.


Following you will find a COPS CORNER note from Chief Kelly Spratt. Our Police Department has been very busy and has solved many cases, and in addition has done a great job in promoting our Kids ID project. This program has been underwritten by BB&T Bank to the tune of about $7500. We feel that it is extremely important for our residents to have their children ID'd. Hopefully, this is an ID that you never have to use, but it is great to have if you do need it! We are in the process of doing the ID at Dunne Elementary School (located in our city); we are currently working with kindergartners and first graders.

The defibrillator units, which we mentioned in the last newsletter, are now in our police cars and are operational.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

Identity theft appears to be a crime that is on the rise nationally, as well as in Indian Hills, The Indian Hills Police Department investigated one case in 1996 and three eases so far in 2002. The criminals involved have stolen anywhere from $200 to over $15,000 from each of our victims. The thefts can begin by the person obtaining credit card or bank account information from a receipt, unbeknownst to the victim. The person may also involve the victim directly, by "scamming" the victim during a telephone call disguised as a sales or customer service call. We urge everyone to protect credit card receipts and information and to never provide sensitive information over the telephone, such as social security numbers or credit card account numbers and expirations. You may minimize the risk by periodically checking your credit accounts through the national credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, etc.). If you do notice unusual information or feel that you may been victimized, don't hesitate to call us at 893-COPS (2677).


As winter approaches, our snow removal contractor has asked that we be certain at times of snow removal that vehicles are NOT parked on the street so that streets can be plowed on an as-needed basis. Please keep cars off our streets wherever possible.


We have been asked by a number of individuals who live in unincorporated Jefferson County areas adjacent to Indian Hills to annex their areas before the city/county merger takes effect on January l, 2003. Your City Council feels that it makes geographical and financial sense for us to annex these areas. This annexation is certainly not anything that our City instigated; we were, however, asked by a majority of the residents in these areas to annex them.

Four of the areas are just west of Zachary Taylor Cemetery. They are Smithfield, Springfield, Brownsboro Park and Comanche Village. The other areas are off of Blankenbaker Lane between Robinswood and Winding Falls on the south and Poplar Hill/River Hill areas on the north. These areas together with Ashwood Bluff off Rudy Lane include the Best Western Motel.

We have had the first and second readings of the ordinances to annex these areas and will have the final readings at the end of the year. We will report more on this issue in the next newsletter.


Recently there was a very tragic accident at the comer of Brownsboro Road and Old Brownsboro Road next to the Highland Cleaners. A young boy was severely injured by this accident. This is a very dangerous comer. We have worked with County Government to make this corner as safe as possible However, after this accident, we are going to petition for a traffic light at this intersection and hope to be successful.


Attached to this newsletter you will find a letter from "A" District Commissioner Russ Maple. As you know, Commissioner Maple will leave his post when the Metro Government merger takes effect in January 2003.

Commissioner Maple has been a great friend to our City as someone whom we could approach with any problem that needed his attention. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Hopefully his expertise in public service will continue in another elected office.


Also attached to this newsletter is a letter from MSD. MSD is conducting regional town meetings around the county to give customers the opportunity to voice their opinions and offer input. You will see in the letter that there are three meetings in December (one on December 4 in Chenoweth School). If you would like some input with MSD, we suggest that you attend one of these meetings.


In this section we are attempting to bring to you items that have come before your Council since our last newsletter.

1. Waste Management

Councilwoman Joyce St. Clair and Councilman Bob Murphy continue to work on the contract for waste removal. This contract will be in place in July of 2003 and will unify all the waste management contracts that we have in Indian Hills. Each section of our City Will have identical services for the first time.

2. Country Club Lane Property

We reported to you about the attempt to develop a 6-1/2 acre tract on Country Club Lane, which is off of Indian Hills Trail. While this property is not in our City, we certainly are affected by whatever is built on the site. We have been told that Louisville Country Club has agreed to purchase the property and keep it as it is! While we were not opposed to what was being planned there by developers, we would much rather retain it in this natural state.

3. Street Lights

We have had a number of eomplaints whenever street lights are not burning. We always respond to such reports and have a 48-hour turnaround on repairs. If you wish to report a problem with lights, please call our Police Department at 893-COPS (2677). These street lights are leased from LG&E, who maintains them.

4. Car Decals

If you need a new Indian Hills decal for your car (perhaps you have purchased a new vehicle), contact the Police Department or any of your Councilmen and we will see that you receive a decal.


Last, but not least, you will find attached to this newsletter a meeting schedule for the Board meetings of your City Council for the year 2003. As you know, these are open meetings.


- - - - - - - - - -

A Message from your Jefferson County Commissioner RUSS MAPLE

Since taking office in 1995, it has been my primary goal to be responsive to the needs of the citizens of our community. I recently introduced to the members of Fiscal Court an ordinance intended to protect all operators of public transportation vehicles in the event that they are faced with violence to self or a passenger. Public transportation operators are on occasion assaulted and their assailants often receive suspended sentences as punishment for their unlawful actions. This ordinance imposes mandatory penalties for individuals who place in jeopardy the safety of public transportation operators and their passengers.

In September, I proposed amendments to Jefferson County's handicapped parking ordinance that imposes harsher penalties and increased fines for individuals who park in handicapped spaces without authorization. I have arranged for the penalties to be posted on all handicapped parking signage in an effort to curtail individuals from parking in restricted parking designated for the disabled. It is my intent to send the message that illegal parking in handicapped spaces will not be tolerated, and have received commitment from the Jefferson County Police Department that the proposed amendments will be strictly enforced.

As my office will no longer exist due to merger, I would like to take this opportunity to express what an honor and pleasure it has been to serve as your Jefferson County Commissioner for the past seven years. Throughout my term in office, together we have had the opportunity to accomplish many extraordinary things in our community. While I may no longer hold a local public office, I intend to continue to contribute to the prosperity and preservation of our community. In an effort to continue serving our community, I am currently seeking the office of Kentucky's Secretary of State. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year and I hope to see you soon!