Following is the text from the Winter, 2006, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

Welcome to the holiday season of the year and we send our best wishes to each of you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2007.


Thanks for voting! As you know, your Mayor and City Councilmen ran unopposed and therefore everyone is back for another term. In the case of the Council members, their terms are for 2 years; in the case of the Mayor, 4 years. We want to congratulate our District 7 Metro Council Member, Ken Fleming on his reelection. Ken has been extremely helpful to our City in its dealings with Metro, and we are happy to be able to work with him in the future.


This was our best ever! Each year this annual event seems to improve with more attendees. We think we had between 400-500 residents, and received many fine compliments from those attending.

One of the most obvious reasons for this success was the fine weather. Also, there were many activities for our young people. These grow each year due to the hard work of our Public Works Chairman Jim Graven and his wife Jane. The Harrods Creek and St. Matthews Fire Departments, which serve our district, were represented, as were owners of many vintage fire trucks. Our neighbors, Doll's Market and their people, did a fine job of working with us on the wonderful food and drinks. Last, but not least, we must not forget our City Clerk Betty Guelich and all of the Council members who worked on this festive occasion.

It truly is an opportunity for neighbor to meet neighbor, both new and old, and goes a long way toward making Indian Hills such an outstanding community.


As we are sure you are aware from our fall newsletter, the Wilson & Muir Bank on St. Matthews Avenue provided the opportunity for us to shred documents that we would not want to place in our trash barrels. This was held on Saturday, October 7 from 9:00 a.m. to noon at their headquarters, and was well received by the number of our residents who used it. The bank also supplied coffee and doughnuts to those who availed themselves of this service and have offered to repeat this accommodation on an annual basis if we wish. This great idea came from our Councilwoman Joyce Duckwall and we thank her for her efforts in making this idea a reality.


* Tax Bills

Each of you should have received your tax bill that was mailed in mid-October. Tn order to receive the discount, the City must receive the tax payment by December 31, 2006. Also, we get many requests each year to change the mailing address on tax bills. This is not a function of the City of Indian Hills, in that the tax bills are prepared by the Jefferson County PVA from information they have on file. If you want to change the address, they need to be contacted. Also, do not forget that if someone else is responsible for paying your tax bill - i.e. mortgage company, bank, etc., it is your responsibility to forward the bill to them.

* City Audit

At our October City Council Meeting, we received our annual audit from the accounting firm of Cotton and Allen. Once again we received an unqualified opinion, and are in excellent financial condition. A copy of that audit will be published in the Courier-Journal Neighborhoods section. As you look at this, you will realize the importance of the insurance premium tax fee to our City. You are aware that this is not a tax on us, but a tax on your insurance company(ies). The default option is that the money would go to Metro instead of to your City (which provides your services). It is very important that you notify your insurance providers that you live in Indian Hills. Last year this amount was almost 11.5% (over $100,000) of our total income, and these are dollars that we do not have to collect in taxes from our residents.

We thank Councilman Lyle Spalding for his efficient, dedicated work with the finances of the City.


Below you will find Chief Kelly Spratt's COP'S CORNER and it is important reading for everyone. He covers two items about which we have had much discussion.

* The first is the home invasion on Westwind Road. Had this been a random act of violence, we would have immediately put out an alert to our residents telling about this crime. However, since this was a targeted resident, we did not feel it necessary to put out an alert. It does fuel some questions within our City about notification and ways that some other cities in the Metro area are notifying their residents. Some are emaiing about events of this nature; therefore, if you would like to receive information quickly, our Police Department is taking email addresses. You can send these to the City of Indian Hills Police Department's e-mail address, which is listed below.

* The second item is that we have just purchased two new police cars in our normal routine of replacing equipment. We always try to keep our vehicles current and well maintained. As a point of information, our cars are continually patrolling our area. We will generally put three times as many miles on our cars in a year than our neighboring police departments.

By Col Kelly W. Spratt, Chief of Police

On October 9, 2006, at approximately 8:15 PM, two white males, impersonating police officers, gained entry to a home on Westwind Road, bound the residents with duct tape and proceeded to ransack the home looking for cash. The residents were able to escape and call the Indian Hills PD for help. The two suspects left the scene and are still at large. This incident gained quite extensive media coverage; however, it is possible that there is still a lot of misinformation floating about. Although the residents did not know the attackers, the attackers had specifc knowledge about the victims' business and family. Without going into detail, we are convinced this crime was not a random act, but that the victims were targeted specifically by someone close to them or their business.

It is important to know that the suspects were not in any type of uniform, nor did they produce any badge or police identification. Residents should always be cautious when dealing with someone not known to them, even if they are stating they are a police officer. If persons identify themselves as police officers, you should request to see their badges and official identification before continuing the conversation or letting them into your home.

Partly because of this incident, the Indian Hills PD is creating an e-mail list that will distribute crime information relevant to the Cities of Indian Hills, Rolling Fields and Mockingbird Valley. If you are interested, please send an email to with the subject line of "IHPD INFO". Your email address will be added to the group distribution list for future alerts. Your email address will not be provided to any other agency or organization.


Attached to this newsletter you will find the schedule of our meeting dates for the calendar year 2007. We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Louisville Boat Club.

As you know, all of our meetings are open, and everyone is welcome to attend. All of the business of our City is conducted at these meetings. There are no closed meetings, unless at one of our regular meetings we have to go into executive session regarding personnel or legal matters.


Every year at this time we talk about snow removal and hope we don't need it! It is important for everyone to know that our snow removal is controlled by the Police Department. They have the responsibility to contact our crew as needed. Since our Police are on the road 24/7, they certainly know when the snow removal equipment is needed. It is a priority to start with the hills within the City, and our contractor whom we have had for many years is aware of the removal schedule.

Please remember that cars parked on the street hamper our snow removal process. If at all possible, please park off of the street.


Also attached to this letter is a holiday schedule for 2007 for Rumpke, our waste "haulers". Also, as you know, Rumpke provides Christmas tree pickup and the date for that is January 9, 2007.

SHOPPING CENTER @ Brownsboro and Chenoweth

As you are aware, the shopping center is somewhat a blight on our City at the present time. Last year the National City Bank submitted plans for their renovation for the west end of the center, and this is all but complete, and is going to be a great addition. This month we approved the renovation of the balance of the center; obviously this will go a long way to improve this corner.


The seventeenth annual home decorating contest for the Winding Falls Section of the City of Indian Hills will be sponsored by the City. Those who choose to decorate their homes for the holidays will automatically be eligible for the first, second and third place prizes. Council members Marie Bukowski and Bob Murphy and last year's winners, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston from Bell Tavern Court, will tour the neighborhood on December 15 between 7:00 and 7:30 PM to judge this year's decorations, Please be sure to have your house lighted at that time. We are looking forward to seeing the ingenuity and creativity of those who wish to participate.


JANUARY 18, 2007
FEBRUARY 15, 2007
MARCH 15, 2007
APRIL 19, 2007
MAY 17, 2007
JUNE 21, 2007
JULY 19, 2007
AUGUST 16, 2007
SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
OCTOBER 18, 2007
NOVEMBER 15, 2007
DECEMBER 20, 2007


HOLIDAYS. Rumpke observes six holidays a year for residential customers. If one of your collection days falls on or after an observed holiday during that week, i. e., Monday through Friday, your collection day for that week will be postponed one day. If a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, it does not affect the collection schedule. The following are the holidays for 2007.

NEW YEAR'S DAY, MONDAY JANUARY 1, 2007. There will be no collections on New Year's Day, January 1. Rumpke will begin service for the week on Tuesday, January 2 by servcing those routes regularly serviced on Monday. All services for this week will be postponed by one day.

MEMORIAL DAY, MONDAY MAY 28, 2007. There will be no collections on Memorial Day, May 28. Rumpke will begin service for the week on Tuesday, May 29 by servicing those routes regularly serviced on Monday: All service for this week will be postponed by one day.

INDEPENDENCE DAY, WEDNESDAY JULY 4, 2007. There will be no collections on Independence Day, July 4. Rumpke will have regularly scheduled service on Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3. On July 4 there will be no service, thus customers who are regularly scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will receive service one day later than usual.

LABOR DAY, MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2007. There will be no collections on Labor Day, September 3. As above on Memorial Day, all services for this week will be postponed by one day.

THANKSGIVING DAY, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2007. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, November 19, 20, and 21. There will be no collections on Thursday, November 22. Customers regularly scheduled for Thursday or Friday will receive service one day later than usual.

CHRISTMAS DAY, TUESDAY DECEMBER 25, 2007. There will be no collections on Christmas Day, December 25. Rumpke will have regularly scheduled service on Monday, December 24. On December 25 there will be no service. Customers regularly scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will receive service one day later than usual.

November 1, 2006