Following is the text from the Winter, 2007, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

It is Christmastime again and we send our best wishes to all of you for the holiday season. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008.


Great weather, huge crowd, fine food, wonderful entertainment. If you missed this event, you missed all of these enjoyable things and we hope you will put next year's Octoberfest on your calendar.

Once again our thanks to our Fire Departments, both Harrods Creek and St. Matthews, who serve our district and to the owners of the many vintage fire trucks who joined us on this beautiful fall day. We extend our thanks to our hardworking Public Works Director, Jim Graven and our City Clerk Betty Guelich and to all of our Council members who made this a special occasion.

Our neighbors at Doll's Market did an excellent job on the food, and, because of the major turnout, we had to send for additional food (this illustrates that importance of making reservations.)

In our estimation, it is one of the City events that truly makes us a special City, creating an atmosphere where neighbors can meet and enjoy each other's company.


As mentioned in our last newsletter, the Wilson and Muir Bank on St. Matthews Avenue sponsored our City-wide paper shredding on October 13. This was very well received by the many City residents who used the service, and Wilson & Muir has offered to do this again. Even if you do not have papers to shred. you might consider dropping in at the bank on Shredding Day to enjoy the coffee and pastries which they generously provide to our residents.

We all thank Wilson & Muir for making this service available to our City.


  • Tax Bills

    Tax bills were mailed in mid-October and in order to receive the discount they must be paid by December 31, 2007. We are currently in the process of foreclosing on some residences whose tax bills have been delinquent for two years.

  • Poplar Hill Place at Poplar Hill Road and Blankenbaker Lane

    Nothing new to report on this project. We will keep you updated as new things evolve.

  • Brownsboro Best Western Inn Property

    As we reported in the last newsletter, an agreement has been signed by he owner of this property and Fresh Market. We have not seen any additional plans and are told that the development will probably start some time in the spring. Again, we will keep you updated on this matter.

  • City Ordinance 07-03

    Since our last newsletter, your Board has passed Ordinance 07-03, which deals with sprinkler systems for new residences built in the City of Indian Hills. While this does not affect existing houses, it does affect any new homes and any homes that might be razed and rebuilt. This ordinance provides for 13D system, which deals with life safety. The sprinklers in this system are in the living areas of the homes, not in the attic, not the basement, bathrooms or in attached garage

    This ordinance was approved and endorsed by both of the Fire Districts who serve our City, and we have been told by several insurance companies that they provide a credit on insurance premiums for sprinkler systems.

    If you have any questions or would like a copy of this ordinance, please contact your Mayor Tom Eifler. The ordinance has been published and will be posted on our website.

  • City Council Meeting Dates for 2008

    At the back of this newsletter you will find the scheduled meeting dates for the Council for the year 2008. As you probably know, these meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at the Louisville Boat Club. All the City's business is conducted at these open meetings. We do not have any closed meetings unless we need to go into Executive Session for personnel or legal matters.

  • Waste Collection

    Also attached to this newsletter is the Rumpke Residential Holidays Schedule for 2008.

    Incidentally. Rumpke will provide Christmas tree pickup for this holiday season on Tuesday, January 8, which is a normal trash pickup day.


We have mentioned the work along US 42 that the State is doing in conjunction with our Metro Representative Ken Fleming. This particularly affects Indian Hills at our City entrances.

We are speaking in particular about the improvements at Brownsboro and Chenoweth Lane with the adjustments in the lights for turning lanes both north and south. We have had many, many compliments about the work that has been done in this area. It is our understanding that the Highway Department may build turn lanes north- and south-bound to alleviate congestion.

Since our last newsletter, the Highway Department has lowered the speed limit in the area from I-264 to Chenoweth Lane from 45 mph to 35 mph. The speed limit from Chenoweth west has always been 35 mph.

In the near future, probably afler the first of the year, work will begin on resetting the light at Brownsboro Road and Country Lane. In addition, work will begin on the intersection of Old Brownsboro Road and Brownsboro (US42) at Highland Cleaners

We think that the changes that have been made and will be made in the future will greatly protect the safety of our residents.


We have had many calls concerning what might happen to the closed Azalia Restaurant just west of our City on US42. Although there are a number of rumors concerning what is going to happen to this property: another restaurant, a Walgreens, a CVS, or a Thornton's Food and Gas Market, as of this writing, we know of nothing that has been finalized. It is our understanding that none of these changes would require a zoning change.

We have had many calls from people in Mockingbird Gardens, Mockingbird Valley, Rolling Fields and Brownsboro Village concerning this project. Most do not want to see a change in this property. We will certainly be vigilant in following what happens here and will keep you informed if we learn more about this issue.

Certainly neighborhood meetings would have to be held.

INDIAN HILLS - Winding Falls Section

The 18th annual home decorating contest for the Winding Falls Section of the City of Indian Hills will be sponsored by the City. Those who choose to decorate their homes for the holidays will automatically be eligible for the first, second and third place prizes. Council members Marie Bukowski and Bob Murphy and last year's winner Don Hartley, 1905 Bainbridge Road, will tour the neighborhood on December 13 between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. to judge this year's decorations. Please be sure to have your house lighted at that time. We are looking forward to seeing the ingenuity and creativity of those who wish to participate.



JANUARY 17, 2008

FEBRUARY 21, 2008

MARCH 20, 2008

APRIL 17, 2008

MAY 15, 2008

JUNE 19, 2008

JULY 17, 2008

AUGUST 21, 2008

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NOVEMBER 20, 2008

DECEMBER 18, 2008


HOLIDAYS. Rumpke observes six holidays a year for residential customers. If one of your collection days falls on or after an observed holiday during that week, i. e., Monday through Friday, your collection day for that week will be postponed one day. The following are the holidays for 2008.

NEW YEAR'S DAY, TUESDAY JANUARY 1, 2008. There will be no collections on New Years Day, January 1. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Monday, December 31. Customers regularly scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday or Friday this week, will receive service one day later than usual.

MEMORIAL DAY, MONDAY MAY 26, 2008. There will be no collections on Memorial Day, May 26. Rumpke will begin this week's collections on Tuesday by servicing the regular Monday routes. All services for this week will be one day later than usual.

INDEPENDENCE DAY, FRIDAY JULY 4, 2008. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. There will be no collections on Independence Day. July 4. Customers regularly scheduled for Friday will be serviced on Saturday.

LABOR DAY, MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2008. There will be no collections on Labor Day, September 1. As above on Memorial Day, all services for this week will be one day later than usual.

THANKSGIVING DAY, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2008. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. There will be no collections on Thursday, November 27. Customers regularly scheduled for Thursday or Friday will receive service one day later than usual.

CHRISTMAS DAY, THURSDAY DECEMBER 25, 2008. There will be no collection on Christmas Day, December 25. Rumpke will provide regularly scheduled services on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. Customers regularly scheduled for Thursday or Friday will receive service one day later than usual.

October 1, 2007