Following is the text from the Winter, 2009, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

Can you believe that 2009 is almost over? What a fast year it was for the City of Indian Hills with our major storm and massive cleanup. We think we are happy that `09 is reaching its end, and look forward to a less stressful 2010. Your Mayor and City Council wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous and Health-filled New Year.


  1. Octoberfest

    Our 25th Octoberfest was undoubtedly the most successful that we have ever had! The weather cooperated, the attendance was at record, the food was great and camaraderie does not get any better. For those of you who did not attend and for those who DID attend, please put the 2010 Octoberfest on your calendar for Sunday, October 3, the first Sunday of October. This is a primary reminder; naturally much more will be sent to you nearer the event.

    Our Public Works Director Jim Graven did an outstanding job of making this festivity a diversified place to be on the first Sunday of October. Our only disappointment was that the hot air balloon did not make it.

    Also we extend thanks to our City Clerk Betty Guelich for arranging the food with our neighbor Doll's Market.

    And while we are thanking workers, our gratitude is extended to the many City Board members who helped to make this gathering so successful.

  2. Shredding

    Wilson & Muir Bank on St. Matthews Avenue sponsored this Citywide paper shredding and it was held on the first Saturday of October. Our residents really like being able to destroy important papers with a great degree of security. We thank Wilson & Muir for this opportunity, and hope we will be able to do this again next year.

  3. Tax Bills

    Tax bills were mailed in mid-October, and in order to receive the discount, are due by December 31, 2009. As a matter of interest, our City has only one delinquent bill from past years, and we have filed a lien and are working to collect it.

  4. Finances

    Financially we are in great shape. Our Financial Birddog, Councilman Lyle Spalding, keeps his thumb on expenditures. We have Rainy Day Funds for those unexpected happenings, i.e., the recent storm, which, incidentally, we were very fortunate to have totally covered by FEMA and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

    One item that always is uncertain each year and for which it is difficult to budget is snow removal. So, if we have a bad winter, we will have to dip into the Rainy Day Funds, but that is their purpose.

  5. Garbage Collection

    We now have about six months under our belts with our new Eco-Tech Environmental Services. We have been most pleased with this transition, not just from the standpoint of budget, but also from the responsiveness to the few complaints that we have had. As you know, we have once a week garbage pickup in the rear of your property and once a week recycling. We pay extra to have the refuse containers pickup up at the back of your house, Some of our residents contract for yard waste pickup. All of these services take place on Wednesday of each week unless there is a holiday. RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED TO BE CONSIDERATE OF NEIGHIBORS AND OF TIlE CITY'S APPEARANCE BY NOT PLACING TRASH ITEMS OR YARD WASTE FOR PICKUP BEFORE TUESDAY EVENING.

    By the way, the yard waste contract runs from March 1 to December 31, so it will terminate at the end of December and begin again next March.

    A copy of Eco-Tech's Holiday Schedule is attached to this newsletter.

  6. Census

    As you are probably aware, 2010 is the year of our National Census. We are well prepared for the census in our City, and our Councilman Joel (Count the Houses) Deming is in charge.

    There are 1,172 residences in Indian Hills. Both Joel and the Census Bureau agree on this. It is important that we have an accurate count on the census, because it does affect some of the tax dollars that we receive.

  7. Fresh Market

    As we are sure you are aware, the Fresh Market construction has made much progress since our last newsletter. The site is really taking shape and we think it will be a great addition to the corner of Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Rd. Rudy Lane has been reconfigured to handle the increased traffic, which is one of our major concerns. As the Market grows and the other stores open, we will continue to monitor this situation,

  8. Azalea Property

    At this point we know nothing new about this project. It is our understanding that Rite-Aid still wants to move into this property.



LG&E continues to do the tree trimming within our City. While we do not like losing trees, we agree that in some cases it is a vast improve- ment. Hopefully this process will go a long way to improve our electric utility service.

Also, LG&E is in the City replacing some gas meters at various homes. They can do this only if the resident is at home. They will properly identify themselves when they ask to come into the house to check your furnace and water heater after the meter replacement.


MSD has been doing some much-needed very small drainage projects in our City. One of the jobs on which they will be working shortly is the removal of the sewer treatment plant at the end of Canoe Lane and which is on property owned by Indian Hills; this will continue on down and across Arrowhead Road. This work may cause some traffic inconvenience for some of the lower Arrowhead and Calumet residents, but should not take a great deal of time.


Below our Police Chief Kelly Spratt provides some very useful information for all of us, young and old, especially to those with children and grandchildren. Please pay particular attention to his comments.

By Chief Kelly Spratt

Cyber Safety

The Indian Hills Police Department patrols the city 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These patrols have a significant impact on reducing crimes such as burglaries and car break-ins. Despite our efforts, no amount of patrols can reduce other crimes that can involve the perpetrator being hundreds or thousands of miles away from Indian Hills. These crimes include identity theft, credit card fraud, and cyber crimes committed by child sexual predators. This "Cops Corner" will address the topic of online safety for your family.

Not only do most homes have computers, but most people have cell phones ... several that have internet capabilities. These conveniences for you can also be conveniences for thieves and predators. Below are some tips to keep your family safe in this technologically fast-paced world.

  • Place computer in common area of your home
  • Keep screen names anonymous
  • Regularly access your child's e-mail
  • Control your child's access to chat rooms
  • Tel! your children never to send a photo of themselves without your permission
  • Encourage your child to tell you of activity or behavior that seems weird to them
  • Check the following websites for more information
    1. National Crime Prevention Council
    2. Kentucky Attorney General
    3. Kentucky Sex Offender Registry
    4. Wired Safety

Emergency Contact Form & Crime Alert E-Mails

Remember, you can always update and/or submit your emergency contact information by visiting our website at and clicking on the "Forms" tab. You can also enroll in our crime alert e- mail program by clicking on the "Crime Alert" tab.


Attached to this newsletter is your Council Board meeting schedule for 2010 arid the list of your City officials with their phone numbers and their Board responsibilities.

However, the main contact for most of the items in which you would be interested is our Public Works Director Jim Graven, who will then address any issue with the proper Councilperson.