Following is the text from the Winter, 2013, City of Indian Hills Newsletter:

GOODBYE TO 2013!!!

A good year for our City financially, but not a good year from a social aspect. Both our Fourth of July Parade and our ever-popular Octoberfest were cancelled because of the weather. We have been fortunate over the years to have good weather for these two events. The Octoberfest has grown so large that it is impossible to plan an alternate site for the festivity. Once, many years ago, our alternate rain spot was Second Presbyterian Church. They were kind to permit us to use their facility, but after the building smelled of hamburgers for a month, we were not sure we would be welcome for another session.

Hopefully this winter will be kind to us and we won't have a great deal of snow, but as we write this newsletter, we have snow on the ground in Indian Hills.


Financially the City continues to be in excellent shape, and we operate within our approved budget. The big question for the City is, of course, weather. In the past few years we have not had to spend much money on snow removal or wind damage, and we hope this will continue in 2013-2014.


As we mentioned in our October newsletter, the tax bills were mailed in mid-October and qualify for the discount until January 1, 2014. Generally speaking, we received the majority of our tax bill payments between October 15, 2013 and January 1, 2014 to receive the discount of 12 1/2%.

As we discuss taxes, we should also mention that we spent nearly $400,000 of our reserve funds on paving this fall. We had three bidders on the projects, and Louisville Paving Company was the successful low bidder. We have worked with them before, and believe that they did an excellent job for us once again. It was decided that the pavers would "mill" the other words, to take off the old asphalt and thus not create potential drainage problems by raising the road surface. Next spring, as we do each year, we will revisit the road issue to see what our paving needs may be for the next fiscal year.


We have set the date for the very popular Indian Hills shredding event for our residents. In the past this was done on the first Saturday in October, which was the day before our annual Octoberfest. So now it has been moved to a new date and a new location. This event will take place on March 8, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and will be held by A+ Shred at the Republic Bank, 3726 Lexington Road across the street from the old Vogue Theater.

Also, Republic Bank will bring in Bluegrass E-Cycle to accept old small electrical equipment that you no longer want, including the following:

One small TV, flat screen preferredIT Equipment
ComputersSatellite Boxes
Circuit BoardsUPS Units
Telecom EquipmentBatteries (not including car batteries)

Republic Bank stepped forward through our Councilman Chip Hancock and offered to undertake this task when the previous sponsor decided not to participate this year. We are very grateful for their generosity.


Below you will find COPS CORNER which we include in every newsletter. We also want you to know that in a recent compliance audit by the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet our Policy Department was found "in compliance." The purpose of this audit was to ensure that requirements to participate and receive funds from the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund (KLEFPF) were being met and that the department was in compliance with Peace Officers Professional Standards (POPS) and Telecommunicator Professional Standards (TPS). We are proud of Chief Kelly Spratt and his officers.

By Chief Kelly Spratt


The Indian Hills Police Department currently has 844 subscribers to its email crime alert system. Since starting this program, we have had great success in sharing relevant crime information in a timely manner, thus resulting in offender apprehensions. The most recent case involved a residential burglary on Mockingbird Valley Road on November 15h. A vehicle was stolen during the burglary and a description of the vehicle was included in an email alert that was sent within hours of the burglary. Less than two hours after the alert, a subscriber called our department describing his observation of the vehicle in the area off Brownsboro Road and Chenoweth Lane, where the driver entered the Rite-Aid Pharmacy. Our investigating officers quickly obtained still photos of the suspect. Those photos were distributed through our email alert system, as well as with neighboring law enforcement agencies. After being identified through those emails, the suspect was interviewed and admitted to several burglaries, including the Mockingbird Valley Road and Poplar Hill Road burglaries in November. To date, two suspects have been charged and several thousands of dollars of property has been recovered.

Without the partnership between our department and the community we serve, these cases may still be open and the offenders would still be burglarizing other homes. I would like to thank all of our members and invite anyone who is not currently subscribed to visit our website at to enroll.


  • Ordinances

    The City did update two ordinances, 13-03 and 13-04. The first has to do with animals within the City and the second has to do with updating of our building codes. Both of these have had the required two readings and were passed. They are available on the City website

  • Turner Property Update
    From Councilman Frank Doheny

    On October 4, 2013, a three judge panel of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky affirmed the appeal by the City of Indian Hills and one our residents against the Louisville Metro Planning Commission and the owners of what is referred to as the Turner Property. That property is located on the East side of Blankenbaker Lane near Poplar Hill.

    In 2007, the Louisville Metro Planning Commission had approved a request by the Turners to subdivide 10.1 acres of land into 12 residential building lots and two open space lots to be known as the Poplar Hill Place subdivision. Representatives of the City and several residents testified against the proposed development at the hearing before the planning commission. The planning commission ruled, however, in favor of the development. The decision of the planning commission was challenged by the City and a resident in the Jefferson Circuit Court, and the Jefferson Circuit Court ultimately ruled in favor of the planning commission. The resident, along with the City as a nominal party, appealed that decision to the Court of Appeals of Kentucky, which has now affirmed the decision of the Jefferson Circuit Court allowing the project to go forward.

    The City has provided some funding for this case when it was in the Circuit Court, but concluded after the Circuit Court ruling that it would be an unwise expenditure of additional City funds to appeal further. The City did agree that its name could be used in the appeal and it and the nearby landowner were listed as the parties on the appeal. The appeal to the Circuit Court and to the Court of Appeals was handled by an attorney other than the City's regular legal counsel.

    The decision of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky is now final.


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