How About Those Deer?
We love our City of Indian Hills with its tree-lined streets, woodlands and waterways that make it a nice place for humans to live. At the same time we know those same features also provide excellent cover and food for our four-legged friends. 
We have received several – no, MANY – complaints about the deer, particularly citing damage to resident plants and trees.  Options for decreasing the deer are not sure-fire, and may have unintended consequences,  but one thing we CAN do is try to protect our plantings.
Here are two articles of interest that might help in your efforts to have a deer-RESISTANT yard.  (NOTHING is fool-proof when it comes to deer, unfortunately).  
And while we are the topic of trees, here is some further advice on how to protect your trees even in drought situations, as we’ve been experiencing the past many weeks.
THE 3 TOP RULES FOR TREE CARE:   Water! Water! Water!     

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