The current City of Indian Hills waste management contract is with Eco-Tech Environmental LLC. It’s in effect through June 30, 2022, with an option for two subsequent one year renewals.

The contract has two key elements for every homeowner in Indian Hills

  • Once per week garbage pickup in the rear of your residence
  • Once per week curbside recycling pick-up
  • Eco-Tech will pick up garbage and recycling on Wednesdays of each week. Residents are reminded to be considerate of their neighbors and mindful of the city’s appearance by not putting out garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers until Tuesday night … and retrieving them by day’s end on Wednesday.

Specifics of each waste management component are as follows

Garbage (Solid Waste)

Up to 3 cans of garbage (32 gallon maximum size) will be picked up in the rear of your home every Wednesday. Any amount over 3 cans, or any containers larger than 32 gallons, must be taken to the street for pickup. Because of insurance restrictions, Eco-Tech cannot go into your garage to collect your trash. If you routinely take your cans out to the street for pickup, Eco-Tech personnel will take it to mean that is your preference and will not routinely check the rear of your home. If you change your routine to require rear pickup, you need to let Eco-Tech know, either by contacting their office, or with an obvious note where you normally leave your cans.

Note that YARD WASTE may NOT be combined with other solid waste. See YARD WASTE section below.

Be sure your trash is outside your garage early (before 6AM) on collection day. If your garage is exposed to the street, keep the cans in the garage out of public view at all other times.

Eco-Tech does not furnish any garbage containers as part of their disposal contract. However a resident may rent or purchase a large garbage tote from Eco-Tech. As of 2022, the rental fee for these totes is $5 per month or $60 per year. A tote may be purchased for $125 plus tax. These totes must be taken to the street for pickup.

It is Eco-Tech’s policy to collect one large item in addition to the regular household trash. Examples include unwanted furniture, appliances (except for refrigerators), etc. These types of “junk” should be taken to the street the night before pickup (preferably after dark). If you have old carpeting or padding for same, make sure to tie in bundles of not longer than 4 feet and place these at your curb also.


Recycling Bins with lids will be provided to each household to hold recycled items. These bins are to be placed at the curb each Wednesday morning. Be sure to use the lids provided to keep paper from scattering. The following items can be placed in your bins:

  • Plastic bottles #1-2
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Steel food cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard (broken down into 3′ x 3′ or less bundles)
  • Paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
  • Office paper
  • Printer’s scrap
  • Magazines
  • Phone books

Remember to rinse all food residue from recycling items … Eco-Tech cannot recycle items that have food particles or are soiled by food residue. Labels need not be removed from bottles, jars, or cans. If available, please separate paper products from the rest of the materials using paper bags.

Yard Waste

Yard waste collection is provided on an INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTION BASIS only. Subscribers will be invoiced directly by Eco-Tech. Eco-Tech is the only authorized residential sanitation company to operate in the City and will provide trash collection and recycling each Wednesday to all homes within the City. This does not prevent you from having a landscaping service or yard service company. Eco-Tech provides for disposal only. Your yard waste WILL NOT be picked up if you have not subscribed to yard waste service.

Eco-Tech will provide each subscription customer with a green, 95-gallon waste wheeler (trash can on wheels). Green cans are for yard waste only. The maximum weight in the green can is 75 pounds.

Yard waste will be collected each Wednesday from the beginning of March to the end of December. Eco-Tech will service the green can and up to ten (10) yard waste bags (paper only) per week. You may substitute standard 32-gallon trash cans for the bags if they are CLEARLY marked as yard waste. Eco-Tech has yard waste stickers available if needed. Acceptable yard waste items are grass clippings, leaves, brush, and other lawn vegetative matter. Large amounts of dirt or rock are not acceptable. Twigs that do not fit into the green can may be cut and bundled, not to exceed fifty (50) pounds. Cut twigs should be no longer than four (4) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter. Branches and tree stumps are not acceptable.

PLEASE NOTE: Per Louisville Metro ordinance 51.509 and Indian Hills contract with Eco-Tech, yard waste MAY NOT be mixed with any other solid waste and placed out for collection. Doing so is a violation of law.

To sign up for service call Eco-Tech at 935-1130. Major credit cards are accepted. Identify yourself as a resident of the City of Indian Hills. Per our contract, the fee for the ten month service period (July – December 2021 & March – June 2022) is $68.83. As City contracts must be on a fiscal year basis, pro-rated billing for partial year’s service is not available.

Hazardous Weather & Other Access Impediments

In the event of weather related or other hazardous road conditions, Eco-Tech will go slowly and carefully to collect from as many Indian Hills residents as can be safely accomplished. There may be some locations where the road or a driveway is not sufficiently clear or accessible, and a service truck or worker cannot safely get to the trash / recycling. Eco-Tech will do their very best to collect as much as they can, but personnel safety and property protection will always take precedence.

Service Issues

If your service is not satisfactory, call ECO-TECH first. Their telephone number is 935-1130. This is the most expeditious manner for resolution. If you still are not satisfied, call Public Works Director Jim Graven at 893-1375 Ext 103 (Office) or 552-4250 (Cell).

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